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ACLGVE00008.jpg.jpgTo the Supreme Directorate of Education. Lasithiou Mouftis informs that the Foundation received 4. 60 Dr as from the taxes in favor of the Court (Dikastika Teli).-1906-12-31
ACLGVDIV00005.jpg.jpgLasithiou Prefect asks the Moufti to informe him exactely about the day he will leave his work.-1910-08-10
The Directorate of Education asks Mouftis Rahit Imamzade to not be payed for the month he was absent.-1904-07-23
Lasithiou Mouftis Moustafa Rahit informs the Supreme Administration of Education that according to the law concerning the Muslim community (no 434), a kadis and a mouftis should be appointed in each Holy Court (Ierodikion).-1907-11-24
ACLGVPR00003.jpg.jpgLetter of the official of the Mortgage Registry of the Village Vahou N.G. Papamantheakis to Ewkaf's Directory informing that according to the sale document of the Notary of Irakliou N. Vavouraki, Haji Mehmet Veis Hanialakis sold to Nikolaou Katoyianakin.-1914-12-27
To council of the Muslim Elders shipment of a document Lasithiou prefect approves of the compromise between the council and moustafa tahir efedaki to whome the council owed 1111, 20 dr. From his salary of ıerokirikas at the tefterdar mosque-1904-09-28
Volizmi ve Yenişehir ahali-i müslümesi tarafından toplanan iane-i askeriyenin miktarına ve gönderildiğine dair Mustafa Sadık imzalı tahrirat. [25 Mart 1302]-1886-06-06
ACLGVPR00004.jpg.jpgLetter of the Administration of the Muslim Religious Foundations to Abetin Hojakakin, asking to take care for the amendment of the graves at the Muslim cemetery of Roukamas? and to acknowledge to the Administration the Expensed Sum.-1915-01-14
ACLGVM00015.jpg.jpgYarapetre Kasabası’nın Müslüman ahalisinin kale muhafazasına Memur topçu askerine hediye olarak yaptırılan elbise ve fes irsaline dir takrir. [3 Haziran 1302]-1886-06-16
Letter of the nomarch of Lasithiou to Muslim Council of Elders giving permission, according to the decision of Muslim Council of Elders No.70, to purchase the estates belonging to its former director Huseyn Moutafaki.-1912-10-03
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