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ACLGVDIV00003.jpg.jpgNote of the Nomarch of Lasithiou to the Muslim Council of Elders accompanying the dispatchment of the decision of the prefecture No.257/1912.-1912-10-03
ACLGVP00001.jpg.jpgOrder of the Representative of the Provisional Government (of Greece) concerning the dismissal of the Members of Muslim Council of Elders of Lasithioy, Mehmet Hojakalakis, Alis Katoglakis, Huseyn Kaourinakis and Moustafa Hiandi Lazanakis.-1916-12-13
Application of the Administration of the Muslim Religıous Foundation of Lasithıou to the Central Recompensations Committee concerning damages at real estates.-1911-09-01; 1911-11-05
The Lasithi Muftis Certifies that Ali Ahmet Giavroukakis, resident of Iearapetra, and Ahmet Mpilal Kouklakis, resident of Kriga Village, are Muslims and therefore they do not enter the Army according to the Treaty of Athens.-1915-12-06
ACLGVP00012.jpg.jpgLasithiou Mouftis Moustafa Rahit informs the Prefecture of Lasithiou that he was absent from work from the 9th of August till the 29th of August-1910-08-30
ACLGVD00003.jpg.jpgSummons in front of the interrogating employee of the Peace Tribunal initiated of the Administration of the Muslim Foundations of Lasithiou concerning the destruction of the keylock of the door and of the windows of the Muslim Cemetery.-1912-11-16
ACLGVM00006.jpg.jpgApplication of Housein Mala Hasanaki, resident of Ierapetrou. In the Presence of the Moufti Lasithiou.-1916-03-29
ACLGVP00013.jpg.jpgLasithiou Mouftis Moustafa Rahit informs that he was absent from work from the 9th of August till the 29th of August.-1910-08-30
ACLGVM00001.jpg.jpgAhmet Mustafa Palahtarakis applies to the Mufti for an issuing of a certification indicating his religion, place of residence and birth, according to the order 180039, 6-12-1915, of the Ministry of Army and to the article No. 150 of the law 425.-1916-03-14
Applications of Ali And Malzoum Jemilaki, Jemil Kapijilaki,Salih Remendan Osmanaki to the Mufti of Lasithiou asking for the editing of a certification of birth and religion demanded by the Ministry of Army.-1916-04-12; 1916-04-16
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