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Lasithiou Moufits Moustafa Rahit informs the Supreme Administration of Education that during June, July and May the court received 15,75 dr. from the court taxes.-1908-08-01
Correspondences of Supreme Administration of Education and of Justice.-1904-03-10; 1906-08-02
ACLGVDIV00016.jpg.jpgCity of Crete/ Ierapetras Municipality/ Program of the celebrations for the 25th of March, signed by the Mayor K.H. Koundouros.-1905-03-23
ACLGVE00017.jpg.jpgLasithiou Ierodikis Moustafa Rahit informs the Supreme Administration of Education that the Foundtion received 7,50 Dr from Court Taxes.-1904-10-02
ACLGVP00049.jpg.jpgApplication of Secretary of Ierapetrou Holy Court. Towards Administration of Education and of Religion Lasithiou Ierodikis writes on behalf of applicant that his daughter caught smallpox and for that reason police doesn't allow him to go out of his house.-1908-03-14
ACLGVP00045.jpg.jpgAdministration of Education and of Justice. The Consul D. Xanthoudidis informs K. Seit Fikri Dervihialakin that he had been appointed commissioner (Epitropos) of Lasithiou Holy Court in the Meramvelou Eparchy.-1905-07-05
ACLGVP00030.jpg.jpgTowards Lasithiou Prefecture. Lasithiou Muftis Moustafa Rahit informs that according to the order of the perfect, for month September he received the salary of the kadi (120 dr.)-1907-11-05
Towards the Supreme Administration of Education. The Lasithiou Ierodikis Mustafa Rahit sends the Money from the Court Taxes.-1907-02-04; 1907-04-05
ACLGVF00007.jpg.jpgTowards the Administration of Education. Lasithiou Muftis (Ierodikis) Moustafa Rahit, informs that during September the court received 4.65 dr.-1907-10-15
Lasithiou Prefecture. Towards the Administration of the Lasithiou Muslim Foundation. Approval of the Financial Statements of the Administration of the Muslim Foundations.-1902; 1905-02-17
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