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ACLGVP00047.jpg.jpgSupreme Administration of Education and of Justice. The Consul D. Xanthoudidis informs Lasithiou Ierodikin Moustafa Rahit that his application to be absent from work, for a month, had been approved-1905-06-27
ACLGVPR00017.jpg.jpgRoukaka/ towards the director of the Lasithiou Ottoman Foundations: the Mayor of Roukakas Municipality sends a list concerning the ijare tax and the vakif compensations-1904-10-26
Committee of Education-Sholiki Eforia consisted of Chair Ali Resat Karapartalaki, Mehmet Emin and Haji Ismailaki and Moustafa Hiadi Lazinaki suggest Moustafa Pahialaki as teacher for school of Sitia- Supreme Administration of Education and of Justice-1905-10-12; 1905-11-23
Lasithiou Ierodikis, Moustafa Rahit sends Lasithiou Prefect salary lists of the Employees of the Foundation.-1905-03-01; 1910-12-10
City of Crete. Lasithiou Prefecture. Agios Nikolaos / Towards the Administration of the Lasithiou Muslim Foundations: shipment of a document: approval of the budget of 1904-1905 of the Lasithiou Ierodikion: incomes: 84114, 08 / expenses: 45736,23.-1904; 1905-02-17
ACLGVP00042.jpg.jpgTowards the Supreme Administration of Education. Lasithiou Ierodikis Moustafa Rahit Reports that the delagate of the foundation in the Merovigliou Eparchy, Ivrahim Babalakis, resident of Spinas Logas is about to depart-1905-07-28
ACLGVP00046.jpg.jpgSupreme Administration of Education and of Justice. The Consul D. Xanthoudidis informs Ivraim Babalak that he had been dismissed from his position as commissioner of Lasithiou Holy Court in the Meramvelou Eparchy-1905-07-11
Towards the Consul of Education. The writer supports that Mehmet Hioukri Balouk Eminaki (?) should be appointed teacher of the Fortetsas School.-1906-12-17
ACLGVE00018.jpg.jpgLasithiou Ierodikis informs the Supreme Administration of Education that during September the Ierodikion (Holy Court) received 6,90 dr. as court taxes.-1904-11-05
ACLGVP00028.jpg.jpgTowards Lasithiou Prefecture. Lasithiou Mouftis Moustafa Rahit sends the list of the ınstitution's employees for their salaries to be payed for September-1907-09-02
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