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ACLGVE00007.jpg.jpgThe Lasithi (Lasithiou) Mouftis Mustafa Rahit sends the Superior Directorate of Education a list of the money that the Holy Court received during August 1904.-1904-09-18
ACLGVDIV00010.jpg.jpgThe Director of the Muslim Foundations sends Lasithiou Prefect copies of some documents.-1903; 1904
Lasithiou Prefect informs the Director of Lasithiou Muslim Foundations that according to the court the accusations against Sami Hojakalaki are not valid and he is not any more out of law.-1904-03-31
ACLGVDIV00011.jpg.jpgThe Mayor of Sitias informs the Director of Lasithiou Muslim Foundations that nobody appeared to provide him with information.-1904-12-02
To the supreme administration of education . The director of the lasithinou Muslim foundations answering to a previous letter sends a list of the 14 employees of the directorate of the foundations-1904-10-10
The Mayor of Fournis sends a copy of the lease contract of the vakif lands at Kato Horio, to the Directorate of Lasithiou Muslim Foundations in order to confirm it highest bid by İlias Tirakis (100 dr.) last offer by Georgion Kiriakaki (200 dr.).-1904-09-02
ACLGVPR00013.jpg.jpgThe writer informs the Director of Lasithiou Muslim Foundations that there is no note concerning the Properties of Moustafa Hilalakis at the Notary's books-1904-12-01
Lasithiou Mouftis Moustafa Rahit informs the Supreme Administration of Education that the amount received by the Foundation as a court tax (Dikastika Tali) during February was 1904 dr. and that it had been sent to the customs house.-1904-03-11; 1904-03-12
ACLGVPR00011.jpg.jpgStatement by the directorate of Lasithiou Muslim Foundations towards the Mayor of Ierapetras-1904-09-15
The Director informs Lasithiou Prefect that in a lot of villages of Lasithiou the Muslim cemeteries had been either destroyed or turned into places of pasture.-1904-03-20
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