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To the Supreme Administration of Education. List of the employees at Lasithiou Holy Court (Ierodikion): Moustafa Rahit Imamzades, Ierodikis, Mehmet Sami Hojakalakis, Secretary, Mehmet Seirakis, Bailiff.-1904-10-18
Towards the Supreme Administration of Education. The Lasithiou Ierodikis Moustafas Rahit sends the money received as court taxes from the Holy Court.-1904-01-04; 1906-08-02
ACLGVP00024.jpg.jpgThe ıerodikis Lasithiou sends Lasithiou prefecture the salary list of the foundation's employees for month october 1904-1904-10-31
Towards the Director of Lasithiou Muslim Foundations Lasithiou Prefect Sifakis (?) answering to a previous letter states that all Mayors have to inform the court in case of infringement but it is not always possible the Muslim individuals can do it as well.-1904-03-23
The Director of the Lasithinou Muslim Foundations sends the Mayors of the Eparchy of Sitias a lists of the people who owe Money to the Foundations and asks to make them pay.-1904-09-31; 1904-10-04
The Directorate of Education asks Mouftis Rahit Imamzade to not be payed for the month he was absent.-1904-07-23
To council of the Muslim Elders shipment of a document Lasithiou prefect approves of the compromise between the council and moustafa tahir efedaki to whome the council owed 1111, 20 dr. From his salary of ıerokirikas at the tefterdar mosque-1904-09-28
ACLGVP00004.jpg.jpgThe Lasithi (Lasithiou) Mouftis Mustafa Rahit informs the Prefect of Lasithi that when he took a month off the Directorate of Education decided to cut it from his salary.-1904-08-04
The Lasithi (Lasithiou) Mouftis Mustafa Rahit sends to the Prefect of Lasithi a salary list of the people working at the Foundation.-1904-04-30; 1911-09-01
Lasithiou Mayor is asked to lease for 4 years through auction some of the Evkaf lands.-1904-09-17
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