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The Prefecture of Lasithiou Agios Nikolaos informs Lasithiou Moufti that because he failed to send a correct salary list for the second half of July 1905, the Prefecture did not send the salary of the secretary of the Foundation.-1905-10-11
İane Komisyonu’nun teşekküle dair emirnameden evvle komisyonun teşekkül ettiğine dair İspirlanga Maarif Reisi Derviş Salih imzalı tahrirat. [6 Mart 1302]-1886-03-18
To the Supreme Directorate of Education. Lasithiou Mouftis Moustafa Rahit asks for permission to leave his work for two months because his wife is sick and he must accompany her abroad.-1905-06-20
Vasiliki Kariyesi Ahal-i Müslimesi İane-i Askeriye defteri. [6 Nisan 1302]-1886-04-18
Towards the Director of Lasithiou Muslim Foundations Lasithiou Prefect Sifakis (?) answering to a previous letter states that all Mayors have to inform the court in case of infringement but it is not always possible the Muslim individuals can do it as well.-1904-03-23
ACLGVF00002.jpg.jpgIn Front of the Administration of Public Education and Religion (Anotera Diefthinsis Tis Dimosias Ekpedefseos and Thriskevmaton), they suggest that Ivraim Mbambalakis resident of Spinalogga will be appointed Teacher at the School of Spina Logga.-1902-02-10
Letter of Muslim Religious Foundations' Director of Lasithiou to the Officer of the Rural Gendarmerie asking for the guarding of the area of the Muslim Cemetery of the Village Roukanias(?), due to information that Yeoryios Anton.-1914-11-30
ACLGVM00004.jpg.jpgApplication of Ivraim Alempahiadaki, in the presence of Moufti: the applicant in accordance with the Regulations of the Ministry of Military (Stratiotikon) asks for a certificate which will prove his place of birth and place of residence and his religion.-1916-03-27
The Director of the Lasithinou Muslim Foundations sends the Mayors of the Eparchy of Sitias a lists of the people who owe Money to the Foundations and asks to make them pay.-1904-09-31; 1904-10-04
ACLGVM00010.jpg.jpgTo Rethimnis Holy Court (Ierodikion). The Committee for helping the families of the soldiers from Rethimnis asks if Vasfigie Dervisopoula is the wife of Moustafa Mesaritaki.-1918-10-24
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