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ACIEVC00016.jpg.jpgCrete Jandarmerie/ Iraklio Station. The Jandarmerie informs the Ierodiki Rethimnis that the Captain Ahmet Fagri Skoufouyannakis (?) is under arrest and that he is going to be transferred to the Holy Court.-1903-11-30
ACIEVC00023.jpg.jpgTowards Irakliou Municipality. The Director of Irakliou Evkaf informs that next to the building no 130 on 29 street there is a drain that causes a lot of problems to the occupant of the building.-1915-05-18
The President of the Muslim Community of Irakliou thanks the captain in the name of the community for taking action and for arresting the guilty ones for the murder of two Muslims.-1913-04-25
ACIEVC00033.jpg.jpgAcknowledgement of the Chief of the Gendarmerie (Squadron) to the President of Iraklio Muslim Elders informing that results of Gendarmerie's research concerning damages in the lattice of the Mosque Valti Tzami in response to a related document sent by Elders.-1905-03-31
Towards Irakliou Public Prosecutor. The President (?) complains about the rumors having to do with the sale of Muslim real estate properties.-1916-06-28
Office of the Lawyer K.G. Stamataki, Iraklio. Opponents: Muslim Foundations against Mousadaki Haji Hasan Kritsotaki--
ACIEVC00030.jpg.jpgTowards the Station Master of the Village Pirgos Monofatsiou. The Director of the Evkaf complains that it has been reported that the residents of the Sikari (?) Village has being destroying the Muslim mosque in order to use the land for other purposes.-1912-12-16
Application of Mihail Kothri, resident of Lerapetras against Moustafa Taranaki, former resident of Irakliou and present resident of Thessalonikis, towards Lasithiou Ierodikou.-1908-05-10
ACIEVC00021.jpg.jpgThe writer Fazil (?) complains that the occupant of the vakif olive press in Hrisi Elia Quarter complains all the time because some villagers have illegally occupied lands the Administration asks for the relevant documents in order to be able to act.-1900-05-13
ACIEVC00032.jpg.jpgCourt of First Instance of Iraklio. Cover of the file of the case of the Muslim Reigious Foundations [of Iraklio] against the Tekke of Seyhu-Esrep(?) Efendi. Laywer: S. Vourdoumetakis.-1922-03-16
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