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ACIGVD00010.jpg.jpgMuslim community thanks Irakliou Prefect Mihail Sgouron for the measures that had been taken against the 13th, 14th and 5th of September events, when the Muslim mosques had been violently occupied and the property and life of the Muslims were in danger.-1915-09-26
ACIGVD00014.jpg.jpgTowards Administration for the welfare work concerning the refugees. President of Committee for welfare of the Muslim peasants Irakliou Muftis sends a list of the needy Muslim peasants that had to leave country side and come to the city.-1923-01-09
The Ierodikis and the President of the Elders' Council complain that since the day the Muslim mosques had been pillaged and demolished (Leilatithikan Kai Katastrafikan) the Muslims have no place to go for their services.-1915-09-26
Towards the President of the Government, Athens: Irakliou Ierodikis and the President of the Muslim Community ask the government not to settle the refugees from Turkey (Tourkia) in Iraklio, because those people had been attacked by the Muslims.-1915-06-27
ACIGVD00013.jpg.jpgTowards the Ziyisou (?) Mayor. The Director Biseh Iseh (?) complains that some residents cause damages to the Muslim cemetery and asks him to protect it.--
Towards the Delegates of the Red Cross: Irakliou Ierodikis, President of Muslim Committee for welfare of Muslim refugees reports that around 4500 Muslim peasants had to leave country side, their properties and villages, attacked by some Christian criminals.-1922-12-24
Towards the Council of Irakliou Muslim Elders since then they live in absolute misery, they don't have food to eat and their properties have been attached by the state.-1922-12-30
Irakliou Muslim Community. Towards the Minister of Education and of Religions Mr. Adonion Mihelidaki: Irakliou Ierodikis and the President of the Elders' Council congratulate him for his appointment and ask for protection.-1915-11-05
ACIGVD00015.jpg.jpgTowards Irakliou Prefecture: Irakliou Muftis and Ierodikis reports that he informed the Muslims.-1923-01-09
ACIGVD00002.jpg.jpgLetter of Muslim Religious Foundations' Director to the Mayor of the Municipality of Megalis Vrisis of the district of Monofatsiou asking for the name of the resident of the village Gagales who extracted stones from Muslim cemetery of the village.-1910-11-08
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