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ACIGVP00062.jpg.jpgRequest of General Administration of Crete (Department of Church and Education) To Muslim Elders asking for dispatchment of decision of Elders concerning recommendation of Kioubare Omer Kighiadaki for position of teacher at 7-Class Muslim Girls' School-1913-10-01
ACIGVP00063.jpg.jpgNotification of the General Administration of Crete to Kambare Omer Kiagiadaki that she is appointed as teacher at the 7-Grade Muslim School of Girls of Iraklio. Her wage is set to 60 drahmes.-1913-11-13
ACIGVP00020.jpg.jpgTowards the President of Irakliou Muslim Elders: Irakliou Prefect (Dimakis?) asks for a list of all the employees that receive salary more than 80 dr. per month, because they are obliged to suscribe to the Newspaper of the Government-1911-10-30
The Irakliou Gendarmerie/ Topic: the Religious Services of the Muslims in the mosques that had escaped the pillages-1915
Towards the Administration of the 7 Class Muslim School. Answering to the request of the Director to appoint a new teacher for the Turkish language-1915-11-05
Towards Administration of Education. President complains that although the Elders proposed appointment of G Papadaki to the Muslim school, of Moustafa Mouladaki as director of the Muslim School and of Jalip Pezanaki as Director of Muslim Girls' School-1911-11-10
ACIGVP00055.jpg.jpgTowards Supreme Administration of Education. Muslim Elders had proposed to have teachers of Irakliou Muslim School of Girls Fahrie Arabaoulopoula and Nesibe Veinamazopoula dissmissed and to have appointed Azize Selim Efedaki Teacher and Kiolbe Jeneraki-1911-10-20
Towards Ministry of Religions And of Public Education. President of Muslim Elders' Council G. Asprakis reports that in Irakliou Muslim Girls' School, used to serve 4 teachers of Turkish language and of the Muslim Religion and 5 teachers of Greek Courses-1915-03-11
ACIGVP00026.jpg.jpgIn presence of the Irakliou Moufti and Ierodiki Mehmet Kiazim Nekipzade: oath taken by the Secretary of the Ierodikiou (Holy Court) Ahmet Kiamis Haji Dervihiakis, who accepts to serve the State of Greece.-1913-12-19
ACIGVP00019.jpg.jpgKingdom of Greece/Irakliou Prefecture. Towards Irakliou Muslim Elders: Irakliou Prefect asks for the Shipment of A List of All Religious Servants in order to Send their Salaries-1911-12-08
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