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ACIGVP00059.jpg.jpgTowards Irakliou Mayor is informed that G. Dinkoumejidis had been appointed in the place of the former valuer D. Sathroudaki-1904-07-13
ACIGVP00054.jpg.jpgTowards Irakliou Mayor. The Mouftis and Ierodikis of Irakliou states that he is ill and has no money to pay for a doctor and asks to be accepted in Pananio Hospital-1923-01-16
ACIGVP00050.jpg.jpgTowards Irakliou Prefecture. The President of Irakliou Council of the Muslim Elders Alis Katsoulakis informs for the appointment of Mihri Vei Koudazades as Director of Irakliou Muslim Foundations-1910-07-04
Towards Irakliou Public Prosecutor. President of the Muslim Elders' Council states that Ex inspector of the Properties of Orphans Nazim Bairam Efedakis had been dismissed and a committee had been appointed in order to check the accounts of the Foundation-1915-04-28
Towards Irakliou Prefecture: Irakliou Mufti and Ierodikis Sends a list of the employees of the foundations that had worked for the creation of the birth tables in order to have them payed-1917-03-06
ACIGVP00039.jpg.jpgTowards the Administration of Irakliou Evkaf: Irakliou Mayor asks for a list of all the employees of the Evkaf And of the imamidon that are obliged by the law to participate to the Census-1911-05-17
ACIGVP00051.jpg.jpgSupreme Administration of Religions. The writer proposes to appoint Moustafa Herifaki in place of the late Bailiff of the Irakliou Holy Court.-1905-01-04
Towards the Inspector of the Primary Schools of Irakliou. Irakliou Muftis Proposes Fatoumes Agadaki to be appointed teacher of the Turkish language and islamic Religion of the Primary School of Roussaorion Village (?)-1922-08-30; 1922-08-31
Shipment of a list of all the Mouezinides of Irakliou Prefecture with the note that the list is possible not to be complete, because the Mouezinides are appointed by the Hiehides and not by the Council-1919-03-02
ACIGVP00004.jpg.jpgLasithiou Mouftis Moustafa Rahit informs Lasithiou Prefect that the Secretary of the Foundation was called to give evidence at Iraklio Court of Appeal and therefore he was absent from work for 15 days.-1910-06-02
Towards the Inspector of the Primary Schools of Gortinos Periphery: Inspector of the Muslim Schools of the state proposes replacement of the teacher of Turkish language and Muslim Religion of the Primary School, Zeinep Meraboutaki, by Mufti Ali Babazade-1921-12-02; 1922-01-08
Irakliou Muftis certifies that Nanamiye Arap Koilejaki had graduated from the 7Class Muslim Girls' School and therefore proposes to appoint her teacher of the Turkish language and of the religion in the Primary School of Gournion Village-1922-09-01; 1922-09-05
ACIGVP00029.jpg.jpgThe President of Irakliou Council of the Muslim Elders certifies that Moustafa Rahit imamzade was serving as an inspector of the Courses, as director and as teacher at Irakliou Girls' School, from 23 October 1893 to 11 July 1919-1919-09
ACIGVP00002.jpg.jpgReplying note of the President of Muslim Council of Elders of Irakliou to the Prefecture, accompanying the dispatchment of the list of the names of its employees receiving a wage more than 80 drh.-1910-10-18
ACIGVP00040.jpg.jpgIrakliou Holy Court towards the Inspector of the Gortinos Monofatsiou Primary Schools: Irakliou Muftis proposes the appointment of Moustafa Yousouf Babadaki teacher of the Turkish language and of the Muslim religion.-1922-09-13
ACIGVP00027.jpg.jpgIn presence of the Irakliou Moufti and Ierodiki Mehmet Kiazim Nekipzade: oath taken by the Muslim Bailiff of the Ierodikio Moustafas Hierikakis, who accepts to serve the Greek State-1913-12-19
ACIGVP00025.jpg.jpgKingdom of Greece/ Irakliou Supervision of the Prefecture. Towards Irakliou Council of Muslim Elders: the inspector reports that he informed the Perfect about their request to appoint teachers at the 7 Class School of Irakliou and of that of Monofatsiou-1911-12-13
The Prefect informs Irakliou Muslim Elders that the translator who works for the Council should also work for the Ierodikio, Because the amount of work at the Ierodikio is very limited-1919-05-25
ACIGVP00060.jpg.jpgTowards the Council of Irakliou Muslim Elders: Irakliou Prefect A. Malatakis (?) asks them to send all the necessary for the elections to the municipalities of Irakliou, Megalis Vriseos and Arkalohoriou-1907-07-17
ACIGVP00057.jpg.jpgTowards Irakliou Council of the Muslim Elders: Irakliou Prefect sends a list of the Members of the Committee of the inspectors (Eforeftiki Epitropi) that will realise the elections for the new council-1907-07-17
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