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Towards Irakliou Council of Muslim Elders: Chania Muftis reports that some of the relatives of Muslim orphans that are appointed as their guardians try to exploit orphan properties on their profit and against interests of orphans-1900-11-13
ACIGVO00002.jpg.jpgThe Applicant asks from the Mayor to repair the Muslim school and orphans house. Towards the Prefecture of Irakliou-1902-02-05
ACIGVO00008.jpg.jpgThe Irakliou Prefect Malatakis? informs Irakliou Council of the Muslim Elders that he can't provide the Administration with the requested permission to take lime out of the building of the ex orphanage, present chamber of the English troops-1902-02-05
President of the Council of Rethimnis Muslim Elders informs the Public Prosecutor that according to law 434/1901 Muslim Elders' Council together with the Family Council of orphans appoints guarantee who will represent them legally till they became of age.-1915-03
Letter of Director of Iraklio Muslim Religious Foundations to Iraklio Mayor asking for the non further dispatchment of the accounts concerning expenses at construction works at building hosting orphanage from the directory to municipality as in the past.-1902-11-30
Prefect of Dramas informs that he sends a letter for the Director of Bank of Crete stating that the concerned amount of money belongs to Irakliou Orphan Muslim Properties and that he himself took the money to bank as inspector of the concerned properties-1913-11-14
Towards Irakliou Prefect. The writer reports that because the properites left to some orphans some times are huge and because most of guardians aren't so reliable-1916-03-17
Office of the President of the Governmental Council. The President has received the invitation-1915-02-03; 1915-02-08
ACIGVO00006.jpg.jpgKingdom of Greece/The Public Prosecutor of Irakliou. Towards Supervision of Irakliou Muslim Council of Elders: Hatije Mouladopoula or Agiasemiotaki asks to become the guardian of her grand daughter-1914-04-09
Letter of Directory of Muslim Religious Foundations of Irakliou to the Supreme Directory of Religious affairs asking for its succour for the reception of the archives of the Holy Court (Ierodikiou) and the Orphans' Bank of the Prefecture of Lasithiou.-1900-08-09
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