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ACIGVDIV00005.jpg.jpgAnnouncement and invitation to the authorities of Irakliou of the prefecture for the celebration of the name-feast of the President of the Provisional Government of Greece.-1916-12-14
The Manager complains about Maria Linardaki. Her house is opposite the Mosque Vezir and as she has her chicken free and also causes hygiene problems to the mosque and the area the Manager asks to prevent her from cause such problems in the future.-1920-12-28
New Freedom (Nea Elefteria), Iraklio.-1903-08-10
Letter to the Muslim Elders: the President is informed that decision no 445 has been approved by the Nomarch. No 3072/270: Heihou and Muteveli of the Teke Mastamba, Nousouret Baba wants money from Ivraim Baba and Turbe Mastamba's Mutevelli-1901-06-21
ACIGVDIV00004.jpg.jpgOrder of the Nomarch of Irakliou to the President of Muslim Council of Elders for the dispatchmet of the table no. 4523, replying to Muslim Council of Elders report no. 137/89 of 1921.-1921-08-07
Mayor I. Spiridas informs Iraklio Prefect that there is a small river at Vathioti location which was flooded and therefore pedestrians couldn't pass through public street and were rassing through the private farms next to street causing serious damages.-1905-02-15
Prefecture (Nomarhia) Irakliou. It concerns the Efkafion Irakliou.-1900-04-27
The Iraklio Prefect N. K. Malatakis decides that the Engineer Emm. Hristodoulakis was right not to allow the re-building of a vakif coffee shop at Papoutsadika Quarter, against the orders of the new city plan.-1905-07-08
ACIGVDIV00015.jpg.jpgKingdom of Greece, Prefecture (Nomarhia) of Irakliou. Towards the President of the Muslim Elders of Irakliou: the Nomarch of Irakliou - Likantis (?)- sends to them the decision no 2263/83 so that they do what is necessary.-1914-04-16
Note of the Prefecture of Irakliou to the Directory of Muslim Council of Elders accompanying the dispatchment of the list of the names of the elected regular and substitute members of the Council.-1910-11-06; 1910-11-07
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