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ACIGVDIV00047.jpg.jpgIrakliou Prefecture. Towards the Supervisors of State Departments (Dimosion Ipiresion): Shipment of a telegraf by the Ministry of Interior Affairs to the Directors of Irakliou Newspapers: They are asked to celebrate the national celebration on March 25.-1923-03-20
ACIGVDIV00037.jpg.jpgTowards Irakliou Muslim Elders: the Prefect asks for the shipment of the document no 1388.-1920-04-13
ACIGVDIV00045.jpg.jpgTowards the office of Irakliou Council of the Muslim Elders. The Secretary of the Prefecture asks for the shipment of a list of all the villages in the prefecture where the Muslim live.-1922-09-07
ACIGVDIV00062.jpg.jpgThe Muslim Community of Irakliou celebrates the King of the Greeks Name Day (signed by the President Isreya Besimzade and the Muftis Ahmet Kiami)-1923-05-06
ACIGVDIV00066.jpg.jpgTowards Irakliou Prefecture. Shipment of a doc.-1921-03-23
ACIGVDIV00041.jpg.jpgKingdom of Greece/Ministry of Health and Long Term Care/ Administration of the Refugees/ Department of Attachments: Attachment of the residence of Soloklarou, owned by the Evkaf, in Mahmut Aga Quarter.-1923-08-03
ACIGVDIV00038.jpg.jpgTowards the Muslim Elders: The Prefect asks for some information.-1920-04-09
The President Konst. Zahariadis and the Secretary N. Gr. Meimarakis of Club Laikos Politikos Sillogos Irakliou invate to the ceremony (Doxologia) which is going to be realised in the Agios Minas Metropolitan Church.-1921-12-06
ACIGVDIV00048.jpg.jpgIrakliou Municipality/ Program of the Ceremony. Irakliou Authorities (The Ierodikis and the Members of the Muslim Council of the Elders) are invited to the Ceremony (Doksologia) in the Metropolitan Church, on March 25.-1923-03-24
Council of the Muslim Elders Houri Tsalkakin: Kostadinos B. thanks everybody.-1921-12-25
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