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ACIGVDIV00054.jpg.jpgCouncil of Irakliou Muslim Elders'. Towards Irakliou Prefect: Shipment of a decision of the Council, to be approved.-1915-12-23
ACIGVDIV00071.jpg.jpgTowards thea Irakliou Prfecture. Shipment of a decision of the Elders-1916-09-22
ACIGVDIV00076.jpg.jpgCelebrations/ 21 May/ the Delegates of the Muslim Community are invited by Irakliou Prefecture to attend the services in the Metropolitan Church of Agiou Vasiliou in order to celebrate the name day of King George-1916-05-17
The inspector of Irakliou Educational Periphery. Towards Irakliou Muslim Elders' Council: shipment of a doc-1915-02-12
ACIGVDIV00078.jpg.jpgInvitation of the Consul of Russia at Iraklio addressed to Sali Ef. Kalaitzaki, President of Iraklio Muslim Community to attend at the mass which will be held at the Church of Agios Minas for name-celebration of Emperor of Russia, Nikolaos ii.-1915-12-05
ACIGVDIV00061.jpg.jpgProgram of the Ceremony: Irakliou Mayor invites the autorities and the citizens to the ceremony for the celebration of the new town hall.-1915-01-07
Towards Irakliou Financial inspector. The Director of Irakliou Evkaf Supports that the Municipality can provide more accurate information about the deaths of Muslims than the Administration of the Muslim Foundations-1915-03-09
ACIGVDIV00056.jpg.jpgTowards the Prime Minister/ Athens. Irakliou Ierodikis M. Kiazim and the President of the Muslim Community G. Asprakis congratulate him for the constitution of the new government-1915-08-12
ACIGVDIV00040.jpg.jpgTe President of Irakliou Council of the Muslim Elders informs Irakliou Prefecture about being the President of the Council.-1913-02-19
ACIGVDIV00075.jpg.jpgIrakliou Mayor asks the Ierodiki to inform all Muslim imams in the periphery of Irakliou Municipality that they have to provide a birth list of both boys and girls every month and that the Municipality will submit the relevant lists to prefecture-1917-02-03
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