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ACIGVDIV00070.jpg.jpgThe Irakliou Mayor asks the Administration of Irakliou Evkaf to deliver a coffin to Spiridon Voukaki Hospital-1902-05-01
ACIGVDIV00044.jpg.jpgMunicipality of Harakas. Towards Irakliou Council of the Muslim Elders: Shipment of a doc.-1907-02-10
ACIGVDIV00068.jpg.jpgIrakliou Prefecture. Towards Irakliou Council of the Muslim Elders: shipment of a doc-1907-06-29
ACIGVDIV00072.jpg.jpgIrakliou Mayor informs the Director of Irakliou Evkaf that after receiving the Director's Letter, he ordered to stop the flow of water to the Sar Topi Foundation-1907-10-09
ACIGVDIV00064.jpg.jpgThe writer informs the Mayor of Arkogohoron and Megalis Vrisis that the election of the New Council of Irakliou Muslim Elders is going to be realised in the 22th, and that the people can vote into the house of Ali Nazifaki in Larani Village-1907-07-18
Newspaper of the Government of the City of Crete includes: The decisions of the Chania, Sfakion, Rethimnis, Irakliou and Lasithiou Prefects concerning the borders of the Municipalities.-1901-09-22
ACIGVDIV00073.jpg.jpgIrakliou Prefect informs Irakliou Council of the Muslim Elders about the coming arrival of the High Commissioner to the island and invites them to be present-1907-10-02
Towards the Irakliou Mayor. The writer (Behtset?) reports that the Administration ordered the cleaning of the 6 docks that are used only by the mosques, thus the Docks Rejep Aga, Haji Ali Passa, Defterdar Ahmet Passa, Reisoul Kioutap?, Ankepad? and Mahmut Aga.-1902-03-14
ACIGVDIV00067.jpg.jpgThe President of the Muslim Elders informs the Supreme Administration of Public Education and of Religions that the New Council of the Muslim Elders had been appointed and taken the oath in presence of Irakliou Prefect-1902-03-16
ACIGVDIV00065.jpg.jpgIrakliou Prefect asks Irakliou Ierodikin To Order All imams To inform all Muslims in the mosque about the statement they have to make in order to complete the lists of the male citizens (mitroa arrenon)-1907-05-01
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