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Muftis and Ierodikis of Irakliou informs Irakliou Captain of the Gendarmerie (Mirarhon) that Souleiman Bakalakis or Kokirakis refuses to appear on court for the trial between him and his wife Kemal iounousopoulas and asks to find him and bring him.-1921-10-13
Irakliou Prefecture. Towards the President of Irakliou Council of the Muslim Elders: shipment of the information edited by the Office of Recruitment and concerning the Muslims-1923-01-04
ACIGVM00022.jpg.jpgTowards the President of Council of the Muslim Elders: the Irakliou Prefect sends a doc by the Crete office of Recruitment towards the Laraniou Mayor-1923-01-30
Towards the General Commander of Crete. Memorandum of Irakliou Council of the Muslim Elders complains about the limitation of the hours of teaching Turkish and Arabic into Muslim schools and for callinf religious servants to the army-1923-01-16
Towards the General Commander of Crete. The President of Irakliou Muslim Elders reports that according to the law the Muslims can be excused from the army if they pay a certain amount of money-1923-01-16
ACIGVM00029.jpg.jpgOrder of Iraklio Prefect to the President of Iraklio Muslim Elders to dispatch a list with the names of personels serving at mosques and mestzits, as well as their dates of birth in relation to the Army Conscription Office.-1921-07-23
ACIGVM00021.jpg.jpgTowards the Irakliou Captain of the Gendarmerie. The Irakliou Muftis/ Ierodikis informs that one of the captured Muslim soldiers, Avdoul Halim Oglou İzzet, is planning to marry a Muslim girl the muftis asks if he has the right to do so.-1923-01-15
ACIGVM00028.jpg.jpgTowards Irakliou Prefecture. The Ierodikis reports that the gendarmerie brought to him Hiahje Rousdi from Izne Village of Dardanellion, who has come to Iraklio a month ago and is now willing to go to Tarsous Kilikias Village, where she has relatives-1922-10-15
ACIGVM00020.jpg.jpgThe Office of Recruitment. Crete, Towards Irakliou Muslim Elders: asking them to send a list of the religious servants to the Muslim Foundations-1920-04-01
Taht-ı silaha davet edilen Müslüman efrad arasında memuriyet-i ruhaniyenin de ithal ve celb edilmekte olduğu hakkındaki tebligata göre bu gibilerin evraklarının hanya askere alma kalemine gönderilmekte olduğuna dair Resmo Müftüsü ve Naib Vekilinin arizası.-1923-01-22
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