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ACIGVM00025.jpg.jpgThe Irakliou Prefect informs Administration of Irakliou Muslim Foundations that the Ministry of Interior affairs had ordered the handing over of the mosques that had been occupied by the soldiers to the Muslim Community-1915-11-11
ACIGVM00002.jpg.jpgMuslim Council of Elders Certifies that Mehmet Ali Psihopedakis, son of Nazif And resident of Irakliou, serves as muezzin at the Tekke Hieh Ali Efendi of the religious order of Kadridon, there having the right not to submit to army recruitment.-1919-11-04
Complaint of the Directory of Muslim Religious Foundations of Irakliou To the prefecture about the intrusion of soldiers and requisited animals to the Muslim Cemetery located outside Kenourgia Port of the walls of the town-1917-05-01; 1917-05-09
ACIGVM00016.jpg.jpgHidmet-i Askeriyeye celb edilen Müslümanların Tevellüd defterlerinde senelerinin yanlış gösterildiğinden bir emirname-i mahsuseyle Hanya'da teşekkül eden komisyona evraklarıyla başvurmaları hususunun Mahkeme-i Şeriyesince cereyan edip etmediğine dair yazı.-1917-02-12
Aknowledgement of Muslim Council of Elders to the Army Recruitement Office of Crete that Ali Voliotakis resigned from the position of the muezzin of the Tekke Horasani and at the present time belongs to the personnel of mosques-1919-03-14
The Directory of Muslim Religious Foundations of Irakliou applies to the Army Recruitement Office for the non-recruitement of Beshan? Agakakis?, son of Huseyn and resident of Irakliou-1917-05-13
ACIGVM00005.jpg.jpgOrder from the Mayor To Muslim Council of Elders for the requisition of the 7-class Muslim school near the Vezir Jami and the girls school at the location Heitan Oglu for the sheltering of soldiers during the recruitement of the following month.-1917-04-22
The Mayor informs that all Muslims born from 1905 to 1914 that didn't serve or served for less than 3 months are asked to enlist to the army since 31 January 1917-1917-01-16
The Army office (Stratologiko Grafio) of Crete. Towards the Muslim Elders of Irakliou: the Mouezinis of the Teke of Kadridou, Ntantalakis Bilaland the Muezinis of the Teke Katsampa, Larantzakis Samin, must renew their permision not to serve the army.-1919-08-21; 1919-08-26
ACIGVM00006.jpg.jpgComplaint of the Directory of Muslim Religious Foundations To the Administrator of the Regiment 9, of infantry About the intrusion of Soldiers And requisited animals to the Muslim Cemetery located outside the town of Chania.-1917-04-22
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