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ACIGVM00008.jpg.jpgIrakliou Muslim Elders' President. Towards the Army Office of Crete: the Following Hieh Efret Efendi, of the Halilidon Nakhimpentidon, Risvan Selimefentakis and Mehmetale Halatsakis, work as mouezinis and therefore can be exempted from serving the army.-1919-07-24
The Army office (Stratologiko Grafio) of Crete. Towards the Muslim Elders of Irakliou: the Mouezinis of the Teke of Kadridou, Ntantalakis Bilaland the Muezinis of the Teke Katsampa, Larantzakis Samin, must renew their permision not to serve the army.-1919-08-21; 1919-08-26
ACIGVM00026.jpg.jpgTowards Irakliou Captain of the Gendarmerie. The President Pertef sends a copy of a doc-1902-05-06
ACIGVM00020.jpg.jpgThe Office of Recruitment. Crete, Towards Irakliou Muslim Elders: asking them to send a list of the religious servants to the Muslim Foundations-1920-04-01
ACIGVM00006.jpg.jpgComplaint of the Directory of Muslim Religious Foundations To the Administrator of the Regiment 9, of infantry About the intrusion of Soldiers And requisited animals to the Muslim Cemetery located outside the town of Chania.-1917-04-22
New Newspaper Daily (Nea Efimeris Kathimerini of Iraklio). among other news there's an underlined article according to which E. Venizelos stated that the Greek Army Humilated the Turkish Army in Asia Minor and as a result Kemal lost some of his prestige-1920-06-27
ACIGVM00028.jpg.jpgTowards Irakliou Prefecture. The Ierodikis reports that the gendarmerie brought to him Hiahje Rousdi from Izne Village of Dardanellion, who has come to Iraklio a month ago and is now willing to go to Tarsous Kilikias Village, where she has relatives-1922-10-15
The Mayor informs that all Muslims born from 1905 to 1914 that didn't serve or served for less than 3 months are asked to enlist to the army since 31 January 1917-1917-01-16
ACIGVM00010.jpg.jpgTowards the President of the Muslim Community of Irakliou of Crete: Those Muslims who can not afford to exchange their servise at the army will have to serve their duty.-1923-02-09
ACIGVM00029.jpg.jpgOrder of Iraklio Prefect to the President of Iraklio Muslim Elders to dispatch a list with the names of personels serving at mosques and mestzits, as well as their dates of birth in relation to the Army Conscription Office.-1921-07-23
ACIGVM00018.jpg.jpgCrete Jandarmerie (Horofilaki) Irakliou Division (Moirarhia) territorial organization change-1901-09-12
Towards the General Commander of Crete. Memorandum of Irakliou Council of the Muslim Elders complains about the limitation of the hours of teaching Turkish and Arabic into Muslim schools and for callinf religious servants to the army-1923-01-16
Towards the General Commander of Crete. The President of Irakliou Muslim Elders reports that according to the law the Muslims can be excused from the army if they pay a certain amount of money-1923-01-16
ACIGVM00021.jpg.jpgTowards the Irakliou Captain of the Gendarmerie. The Irakliou Muftis/ Ierodikis informs that one of the captured Muslim soldiers, Avdoul Halim Oglou İzzet, is planning to marry a Muslim girl the muftis asks if he has the right to do so.-1923-01-15
ACIGVM00005.jpg.jpgOrder from the Mayor To Muslim Council of Elders for the requisition of the 7-class Muslim school near the Vezir Jami and the girls school at the location Heitan Oglu for the sheltering of soldiers during the recruitement of the following month.-1917-04-22
Irakliou Prefecture. Towards the President of Irakliou Council of the Muslim Elders: shipment of the information edited by the Office of Recruitment and concerning the Muslims-1923-01-04
ACIGVM00022.jpg.jpgTowards the President of Council of the Muslim Elders: the Irakliou Prefect sends a doc by the Crete office of Recruitment towards the Laraniou Mayor-1923-01-30
Muftis and Ierodikis of Irakliou informs Irakliou Captain of the Gendarmerie (Mirarhon) that Souleiman Bakalakis or Kokirakis refuses to appear on court for the trial between him and his wife Kemal iounousopoulas and asks to find him and bring him.-1921-10-13
ACIGVM00016.jpg.jpgHidmet-i Askeriyeye celb edilen Müslümanların Tevellüd defterlerinde senelerinin yanlış gösterildiğinden bir emirname-i mahsuseyle Hanya'da teşekkül eden komisyona evraklarıyla başvurmaları hususunun Mahkeme-i Şeriyesince cereyan edip etmediğine dair yazı.-1917-02-12
The President of the Muslim Elders of Irakliou, Nouris Tsalikakis, asks for a postponement of the dead line for the Exchange of the Army Service of Muslims, since ammount of money for the exchange was doubled and lots of Muslims are unable to pay.-1923-02
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