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Towards the Irakliou Mayor: Mehmet Halatsakis, Director of the Irakliou Evkaf, states that he owes the 'Xenodohiou Residence' of Irakliou City/ incomes: 1380 dr. per year-1916-08-21
ACIGVF00018.jpg.jpgTowards the Director of the Irakliou Council of the Muslim Elders: the Irakliou Prefect informs him for the confirmation of the Financial Statement-1919-08-02
Towards Irakliou Mayor: Mehmet Halatsakis, Director of Irakliou Evkaf, states that he owes a residence in Irakliou City incomes: 240 dr. per year-1916-08-21
Hamza Arapahmetakis against the Bank of Athens - Court of First Instance-1918-03-12
Irakliou Tax office (ikonomiki Eforia). To the Administration of Irakliou Evkaf: they are informed that since 28 May 1914 the tax law of the Old Greece had been applied to crete as well-1914-12-29
Towards the President of Irakliou Council of the Muslim Elders: Answering to a previous letter, the Prefect informs that according to the relevant law, expenses non included to the submided budget are not accepted.-1916-05-26
Budget from 1 September 1915 until end of August 1916. approved by the Nomarch of Irakliou, detailed list of expenses-1916-04-07
Letters of the Nomarch of Iraklion towards the Kadi of Iraklion concerning the delayed payment of the Greek State to the Religious Functionaries for the compilation of birth certificates.-1917-01-25; 1917-02-16
ACIGVF00009.jpg.jpgTo the Prefecture of Iraklio. Answering to the relevant question of the Prefect the Director ? answers that the vakif fountain at the Moha Village has a capital of 400 dr but that it isn't legal to spend money out of that capital for fountain's restoration.-1910-06-21
ACIGVF00004.jpg.jpgLawyer of Iraklion Melissidis: Shipment of document to General Administrator of Crete, Loukan Rouson Kanakari, who represents the Greek state at Crete should be obliged to pay 3900 dr. with interest and is asked to appear at court on 30 October 1913.-1913-09-30
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