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Towards the Director of Irakliou Muslim Elders: Irakliou Prefect G. Maris sends his decision concerning the budget of Council of the Muslim Elders-1900-10-27; 1900-12-30
Irakliou Municipality. The Public collector of money receives 367, 60 dr. from Arapahmetaki Hamja for lighting-1907-10-03
Supreme Administration of Education and of Religions. Towards Irakliou Prefect: the Councellor sends the budget concerning the Restoration of the Vakif Store on Strata Square-1900-12-16
ACIGVF00024.jpg.jpgMayor of of Lagados, Valakakis informs Irakliou Muslim Elders that they have to pay 20 dr. as a tax for the rural police and because the mayor has 18 dr that he has to deliver to Council he asks for permission to use this amount in order to pay police-1907-03-22
ACIGVF00025.jpg.jpgLetter to the President of the Landownership Committee of the Court of Justice of Peace of Malevizi -Agios Mironas (from unidentified sender) asking for the assessment of the value of the mosque of (The Village) of Avgeniki.-1904-10-09
ACIGVF00028.jpg.jpgRequest by the Mayor of Iraklio to the Director of the Evkaf of Iraklio to acknowledge the receipt of the sum of 80,35 drahmes on 7-2-1902.-1902-02-11
ACIGVF00006.jpg.jpgVilet/Vehtsis asks for 53.40 dr. from the Mayor as specific ammount of money wasn't included in Efkafiou's budget and is therefore impossible to receive it from Efkafiou's Treasury, so he asks to collect that ammount of money from Municipality's Treasury.-1902-01-30
Supreme Admınıstratıon of Domestıc Affaıres publıc works-1905-03-21
Prefecture of Iraklio. Towards the President of Council of the Iraklio Muslim Elders Shipment of Two Documents the Prefect N. K. Malatakis examined and approves the financial statement of the Iraklio Muslim Foundations.-1903-06-08
ACIGVF00003.jpg.jpg(ipaspistirion) of the Prince Georgiou of Greece, (ipatos Armostis) at Crete. He expreses his gratefulness To the Muslim Community of Irakliou-1903-02
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