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ACIGVE00018.jpg.jpgTowards the inspector of Irakliou Periphery. The President Reports that the Muslim girls' school can't officiate properly because there are not enough students-1915-02-11
ACIGVE00012.jpg.jpgGeneral Administration of Crete/Kingdom of Greece) Department of internal Affairs. to the Mouftis of Chania, Rethimnis, Irakliou and Lasithiou: Minos K. Gerakaris, replacing the General Commander of Crete Sends the document of the Ministry of Education-1923-10-15
To the Inspector of Education. The President (of the Evkaf?) asks that Riga Agadakis won't be appointed as teacher as it had been previously been proposed by the Council of the Mouslim Elders because of his immoral behaviour.-1910-08-27; 1910-08-31
The Supreme Administration of Education/Chania. Towards the Manager of Irakliou Muslim Foundations: The Advisor of Education and Justice States that it is impossible to prevent them spending money from the compensation for the Vakoufia.-1901-09-27
Towards the inspector of Education of Irakliou Periphery: Mufti and Ierodikis of Irakliou Reports that because director of Muslim school of girls has been ill for a long period-1922-04-26
ACIGVE00024.jpg.jpgTowards the Supreme Administration of Education. Concerning the teachers of the Muslim school of girls-1911-10-20
Hükûmet-i Mahalliyenin Himayesinki Kandiye Maarif-i İslamiye İdaresindeki zükur ve inas mekteplerinde talebe ve talibatın devam etmemekte oldukları haber alındığından muntazaman devam etmezlerse anne babalarına para cezası verilmesine dair ilam-1914-01-30; 1914-02-24
Supreme Administration of Religions and of Public Education. The appointed inspectors of Irakliou Muslim schools report that the Muslim schools are in a terrible condition, that most of the teachers aren't qualified, that a lot of children don’t go to school-1902-04-28
Municipality Inspector of Iraklio Primary Schools. Inspector Ev. Foustanakis? informs that the teacher at Muslim school for girls Hiaje Selimagadaki resigned and that Nasipi Beinamazaki, ex teacher at the school, asks to be appointed at her place.-1910-09-13
Negative response of the General Administration of Crete (Department of Church and Education) to a letter of Iraklio Muslim Elders concerning the registration of female students to a school [not mentioned], due to lack of qualifications and late dates.-1913-10-29
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