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Towards the inspector of Education of Irakliou Periphery: Mufti and Ierodikis of Irakliou Reports that because director of Muslim school of girls has been ill for a long period-1922-04-26
ACIGVE00012.jpg.jpgGeneral Administration of Crete/Kingdom of Greece) Department of internal Affairs. to the Mouftis of Chania, Rethimnis, Irakliou and Lasithiou: Minos K. Gerakaris, replacing the General Commander of Crete Sends the document of the Ministry of Education-1923-10-15
ACIGVE00023.jpg.jpgTowards Prefect. Irakliou Muftis and Ierodikis reports that he had been informed that all schools're going to be evacuated (by army?)-1923-01-09
Girid Ceziresinin muhtariyetinden sonra Mekatib-i İptidaiden başka Müslüman Yüksek Okul olamadığı hakkında Kandiye İslam İhtiyar Meclisi'nin layihası. Yunanistan Meclis-i Umumisi azasından muhterem İslam mebuslarına gönderilmiştir.-1922-02-21
Letter of Director of Public Commercial School to President of Iraklio Muslim Elders asking for recommendation of a qualified person for teaching of Turkish language at the school, as indicated by law 2261 concerning middle commercial education-1920-12-02
ACIGVE00013.jpg.jpgThe writer informs Mr. Rasih Vei that an educational conference is going to be realised and all prominent Muslims of the Greek State are going to participate in order to discuss certain issues concerning the education of the Muslims.-1920-03-11
Report by the Council of Iraklio Muslim Elders To the Ministry of Religion and Education:-1922-04-01
ACIGVE00003.jpg.jpgTowards Manager of the Administration Muslim Foundations: After the order of the Nomarch you are asked to submit a list with all the mosques of the Municipality of Irakliou and a list with all Muslim Schools and finally a list with any Muslim foundation.-1923-03-16
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