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Towards Irakliou Prefect: the Agion Paraskion Mayor D. G. Stavrakis complains that in the Agiou Vasiliou Municipality there is a fountain which belongs to the Evkaf.-1904-06-28
Irakliou Council of the Muslim Elders. Towards the President of the Kastelliou Pediados Municipal Committee for the estimation of the damages.-1904-07-03; 1904-07-10
ACIGVC00001.jpg.jpgTowards the Administration of Irakliou Evkaf: Irakliou Mayor, M. Deliahmetakis asks for the presence of an imama, according to the law, in order to prepare the electoral registers and also asks that the imams incite Muslims to vote.-1900-01-02
ACIGVC00016.jpg.jpgIrakliou Municipality. The writer complains that the yard of the Vezir Mosque is used for having come carts stored during the night and asks the mayor to forbid it-1907-10-06
Irakliou Prefecture. The writer (Beksim?) reports that on the Vaide Jami Square there is an urinal which is located next to the market against every reason of hygiene he asks therefore to forbid using that urinal.-1903-01-16; 1903-05-22
Mayor Karyotaki (?) answers to a previous complaining letter of Administration of Muslim Foundations and supports that in Partira Village, next to Ottoman cemetery and to an old Byzantine church that square is part of cemetery.-1904-12-29; 1905-02-02
Iraklio Muslim Elders. Unsigned letter to the Mayor of Harakas Village setting a charge against the priest Papa Ioannis of the village because he urged the Christians to trespass the limits of the Ottoman graveyard at the Village Rotasi for grazing.-1904-01-27
Towards the Irakliou Council of the Ottoman Elders: The Irakliou Mayor M.Deliahmetakis informs them that they have to have the old residence in Balta Jami Quarter demolished.-1905-01-10; 1905-01-14
ACIGVC00008.jpg.jpgHarakas Mayor. The writer complains that some villagers bring their animals in the Muslim Cemetery of Bagiouta (?) Village.-1902-02-06
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