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ACIGVDIV00047.jpg.jpgIrakliou Prefecture. Towards the Supervisors of State Departments (Dimosion Ipiresion): Shipment of a telegraf by the Ministry of Interior Affairs to the Directors of Irakliou Newspapers: They are asked to celebrate the national celebration on March 25.-1923-03-20
Towards the General Commander of Crete: Memorandum of Muslim Elders complains that, although religion of the Cretan Muslims had been respected by all governments so far and Turkish language had been taught together with Greek language in the Cretan schools.-1923-01-14; 1923-01-16
ACIGVEP00004.jpg.jpgCorrespondance entre les présidents de la 3e Commission Mixte pour l'Echange des Populations grecques et turques et de la communauté musulmane à Cannée sur le convoi de Tesvikié.-1926-03-14
ACIGVJ00003.jpg.jpgTowards Irakliou Prefect: shipment of the decision no 3230 by the Elders-1921-04-15
Leasing through auction: No 15 shop of Administration of Irakliou Muslim Foundations fortified to Ivrahim Haji Jemalaki for 12 dr./Magistrate's Court. Director is invited to court, on June 18, 1921, in order to discuss the appeal of Ivrahim Haji Jemalaki-1916-07-05; 1921-05-31
Belediye Müdüriyetinden gönderilen teehhül cetveli.-1922-09-07
ACIGVJ00001.jpg.jpgTowards Irakliou Prefect: shipment of decision no 3255 by the Elders-1920-04-22
Irakliou Holy Court towards the Inspector of the Primary Schools of Irakliou: Answering to the inspector\s letter of August 31,1922.-1922-09-03
ACIGVP00030.jpg.jpgIrakliou Council of the Muslim Elders. Certificate that Fahri Haji Hasanakis of Haji Hasan from Irakliou, is Halifes of Irakliou Teke of Mastaba since February 6, 1920.-1923-01-09
ACIGVP00034.jpg.jpgIrakliou Council of the Muslim Elders. Certificate that Moustafa Fafoulakis of Ahmet, From Iraklio, is imamis and Hatipes (Ierokirix) of the Laraniou Monofatsiou Mosque-1923-01-24
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