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ACIGVJ00012.jpg.jpgIrakliou Muslim Elders are informed by Supreme Administrationof Education and of Justice that their decision no 275 hasn't been approved-1903-02-12
ACIGVPR00121.jpg.jpgAcknowledgement by Mayor of Iraklio To the Director of Muslim Religious Foundations that it has been allowed by the engineering service to Georgios to Gounalakis to construct a warehouse in condition that he tears down the existing crumbly Walls.-1902-02-08
ACIGVPR00101.jpg.jpgIrakliou Mayor M. Delikahmetakis answers to a previous letter and informs the Council of Irakliou Muslim Elders that the fountains under constraction next to the Mahmut Aga mosque might be of use to the Municipality-1907-07-02
Confirmation of the decision taken by the Mouslim Council to sell for 20 dr. The vakif farm that had been ocupied by Adoniou Tsaniri, at the Sarakinou Location, at the Hersonisou Periphery-1901-03-05; 1901-07-25
ACIGVP00053.jpg.jpgTowards the Consul of the Public Education and of Religions. The President of Council of the Muslim Elders proposes Nouri Koutsizade and Eyioul Hakim Arhanitaki (?) to be appointed keepers of the Muslim schools-1902-03-18
ACIGVP00058.jpg.jpgDirector of Irakliou Muslim Foundations Housein Vexet Astsaki is provided by Supreme Administration of Education and of Justice, with a two month leave from work (from 31 May)-1906-06-03
ACIGVPR00039.jpg.jpgThe Director asks the Mayor to take half masoura of water from the Sultan Mehmet Mosque and to provide it To the Treis Kamares Kazinou of the Efkafiou-1901-09-15
Irakliou Mayor informs the Director of Irakliou Evkaf that according to the Municipality registers Raji Roukounakis owes a masoura of water, conducted to his residence, and that Asmi Baba Tourhioujakis owns 1 masoura conducted to the Teke he administers-1905-06-12
Towards Irakliou Prefect: the Agion Paraskion Mayor D. G. Stavrakis complains that in the Agiou Vasiliou Municipality there is a fountain which belongs to the Evkaf.-1904-06-28
ACIGVJ00006.jpg.jpgSupreme Administration of the Public Education and of Religions. Towards the Director of Irakliou Muslim Elders:confirmation of a decision-1900-09-29
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