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Towards the guard authorities (Frourarhion) of Chania. They are asked to compensate them for the damage done at their buildings/boys' and girls' schools-1919-02-21
1921 yılında Cemaat-i İslamiyenin içinde bulunduğu vaziyeti bildiren ve gerekli ıslahatlar konusunda kaleme alınmış rapor. [24 Haziran 1921]-1905-07-07
Towards the general commander of Crete and the president of the government. The Muslim Elders complains that no measures had been taken for the protection of the Muslims and as a result Ahmet Pinialakis had been shot and injured-1921-11-07
President of the Council of Muslim Elders informs the general commander of Crete that among Muslims that had been deported from Macedonia and thrace and have been settled to mevlevidon mosque out of Chania because hygenic condition of the camp's miserable-1923-03-25
ACCGVD00004.jpg.jpgThe Administration of police (Horofilaki) Chania. Towards the Administration of Chania Muslim Foundations: everything possible was done in order to stop animals from pasturing at the mosques-1919-01-09
Letter of the President of the Muslim Community to the General Administration of Crete complaining about destruction of the Muslim Cemetery lying outside the town and expropriated by the municipality as a measure taken for embellishment of the place.-1922-08-21
The president of the council of Chania Muslim Elders informs the general commander of Crete, Perikli Mazaraki that since September 1922, all Muslims that used to live in the country side went to the city of Chania. Where they live in misery.-1923-06-29
The police station of Topana. Towards the (Mirarhia) of Chania, He was unable to find the people who stole some pieces of wood and caused damage to the monuments of the Muslim Cemetery.-1919-02-17
ACCGVD00002.jpg.jpgTelegraph to the Prime Minister, the General Command Headquarters of the Gendarmerie in Athen and at Chania of the members and notables of the Muslim Community of Rethimnis asking for the dispatchment of a big force of gendarmerie.-1922-09-27
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