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ACCGVPR00010.jpg.jpgTowards the Administration of the Chania, Rethimnis, Irakliou and Lasithiou (Ierapetras) Muslim Foundations: the General Commander S. Krokidas sends 12 documents of the Ministry of Agriculture, and asks the directors to sign them.-1919-07-31
Kingdom of Greece, the official agriculturer (Nomogeoponos) of Chania. Towards the Administration of Chania Muslim Foundations: It has been ordered to trim the trees at the (?) Pasa Mosque.-1919-01-15
Contract concerning the restoration of the Agiou Georgiou Metohi of the Gouvernetou Monastery.-1919-06-11
ACCGVPR00005.jpg.jpgMr. Mihail Solanakis delivers to the Chania mortgage registry a note by the Directorate of the Muslim Foundations concerning taxes.-1916-06-08
From Kingdom of Greece to Council of the Muslim Elders. The Hania Prefect Atid Nakijadis (?) accepts the decision made by Council of the Muslim Elders to allow to the Directorate of Muslim Foundations to sell an old school building.-1911-05-11
Chania Department of Economics (Eforia). Chania Inspector D. Patridis informs Director of Muslim Foundations Arif Bitsaksaki that some of certificates are missing from his property statement and that he has to present them as soon as possible-1920-05-20
ACCGVPR00006.jpg.jpgMunicipality of Iraklio. The Iraklio Minister asks the Director of the Iraklio Evkafion to confirm or not if Housein Babas owns the spring of water (masoura idatos?) at his teke.-1905-06-21
Statement of Taxable Edifice of the Muslim Religious Foundations of Chania for a workshop located at the town of Chania of a yearly revenue of 405 drahmes. The workshop is rented to Mustafa Dirkadakis, leather merchant.-1910-08-24
In the name of the King of the Greeks George the First. The Haniis Court of First Instance. Plaintiff: The Chania Administration of the Muslim Foundations. Defendant: Haji Mehmet Roukali or Yeryi Agadaki(?), resident of Gazi Moustafa Chania.-1908-02-08
ACCGVPR00007.jpg.jpgTo the President of Muslim Foundations, to the Jewish community of Crete (Arhirabbuino) and to the Armenians. The Chania Prefect E. Aretakis asks them to send a list of the members of their communities, the number of the families, their properties.-1923-07-17
The Kritis General Administration: Director of Chania Muslim Foundations reports that he attaches the required detailed list of the Muslim mosques and of their employees in Chania.-1918-03-03
ACCGVPR00001.jpg.jpgThe Supreme Directory of Education acknowledges to the Council of the Muslim Elders of Chania that its decision no 174/244 concerning the estates (formerly) belonging to the Muslim Foundations was approved and that their use will continue.-1908-05-28
ACCGVPR00009.jpg.jpgThe Ottoman Religious Foundations of Chania state Chania Mayor that the institution owes a shop in Tsigar Kiolou Quarter, leased to Esref Tsalikaki for 25 dr. per year.-1902-09-17
Towards the President of the Muslim Council: The Chania Prefect Evg. Aretakis asks him to inform all managers of vakif properties that they have sent some detailed lists and tables to the prefecture.-1923-04-05
Acknowledgement of the General Governor of Crete to the Economic Provosts of Crete of the decree edited by the Ministry of Economy.-1923-06-11
Kirix' (Crier) / Director Kiriakos Kostadinos Mitsotakis-1922-04-06
General Administration of Crete. The Administration approves the sale of a building plot out of the yard of the Chania Mosque Hasaki Ahmet Aga to Behije, daughter of Halim Psitaki.-1921-05-02; 1921-06-01
ACCGVPR00003.jpg.jpgLetter of Kingdom of Greece towards the General Administration of Crete: They ask for permision to trim the trees at the Muslim cemetery, at Chania.-1919-03-02
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