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ACCGVP00009.jpg.jpgSupreme Administration of Education and of Justice, Halepa. Chania Council of the Muslim Elders' asked to propose someone to be appointed Director of the Muslim Foundations because the proposed İsmail Saratsakis is not approved by Supreme Administration.-1903-12-13
ACCGVP00003.jpg.jpgTowards the Supreme Administration of Education. The Council of Chania Muslim Elders proposes transfer of teacher of the Perivolion Village, Ali Sileraki, to Muslim School of Daratso Village and of teacher of Daratso Ali Yigourtsaki to Perivolion School.-1908-09-22
Towards the Consul of Religions and of Education. The Chania Council of the Muslim Elders proposes to appoint İsmail Vei Sartsaki Director of the Chania Muslim Foundations, in place of the late Director Selim Seratsaki.-1902-01-27
ACCGVP00015.jpg.jpgTowards Supreme Administration of Education. Chania Muslim Elders suggests to appoint Selim Efendaki Vasefe Efendi servant at the 1st Muslim School, Karataraki Nousouret Efendi at the 2nd Muslim School and Babalopoulas Selimes Hanoumis Maid at Girls School.-1907-22
ACCGVP00005.jpg.jpgChania Council of the Muslim Elders asks Supreme Administration of Education to appoint a new teacher of the Greek language in order to replace Nik Anastasaki who resigned from the Muslim School of Neas Horas and Varousiou Chania.-1907-10-27
Towards Administration of Education. Muslim Elders report that the number of students of Chania Muslim School of Girls has been rised and therefore there is a need to create a new teacher position and propose appointment of Esmas Hanoum Haji Ahmetopoulas.-1907-11-04; 1907-11-07
ACCGVP00016.jpg.jpgSupreme Administration of Education and of Justice. Towards Chania Council of the Muslim Elders: Niko. Palidis and Merjan Demourjakis have been appointed inspectors of Administration of Bank for Muslim Orphans in order to draw a report on its activities.-1906-07-10
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