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ACCGVDIV00025.jpg.jpgGeneral Administration of Crete. Towards the Chania Ierodikin: the General Governor of Crete S. Krokidas asks for information about Attiyes Tavelaki and her family-1919-07-10
ACCGVDIV00005.jpg.jpgThe manager of the administrationof Muslim foundations, Arif Mpitsaxakis (?) asks the head officer of the gendarme (mirarhia) of Chania that the case on document no 54.30 of 25 January 1918 is accepted and all the nacessary actions will be taken.-1918-02-07
ACCGVDIV00028.jpg.jpgAt Chania. Beginning of a letter addressed to the General Governor of Crete-1919-10-29
ACCGVDIV00001.jpg.jpgTelegraph from Izmir to Ali Bey Ciskakis, president of the Muslim community of Chania thanking him for the dispatch of an unspecified document and informing him that they will soon arrive.-1919-11-15
ACCGVDIV00007.jpg.jpgCentral administration of translations. The director informs the Chania moufti that the documents he send had been translated from Turkish to Greek-1919-04-20
ACCGVE00001.jpg.jpgHanya Maarifi Umumiyesinin Yunan Maarifine İlhakıyla Lağv olunan İhtiyar Meclisinin Mekatib-i İbtidaiyedeki muallimleri teklif ve nezaret hakkının ibkası için baş vekaletle teşebbüste bulunmaya Atinaya giden tahmiscizade Macid Bey'in masrafları için karar-1915-05-06
ACCGVDIV00017.jpg.jpgPrefecture of Chania. To All Chania Priests: the Chania Prefect Sends them the book they will use for registrating new births and baptisis in 1919 and asks for the book of 1918 Delaie will be punished-1918-12-18
ACCGVDIV00030.jpg.jpgKiriks' [Herald] Newspaper of Liberal Precepts-1917-01-20
ACCGVDIV00008.jpg.jpgThe prefect of Chania asks the President of the Muslim Council to inform him about(?)-1916-07-29
ACCGVDIV00002.jpg.jpgKingdom of Greece, the reprisentative at Crete of the temporary government, I. Tsirimokos, at Chania. Towards the public authorities of the island: instructions on the proper use of revenue stamp (hartosimo)-1917-03-01
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