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ACCGVF00010.jpg.jpgThe Central Administration of the Crete treasury for the public benefit confirms that the receipt of payment of 5081.35 gr. by the Hanion Ottoman Bank for the Orphans for the debt of Sakires Nehat Lahanakin.-1899-09-16
ACCGVF00031.jpg.jpg[Draft] Note of Behcet [Director of the Muslim Religious Foundations of Chania?] tο the General Accounts Department concerning the submission of a statement of the Evkaf to the Tax Office.-1902-02-11
ACCGVF00027.jpg.jpg21. 60 dr. is payed to A. Vl. Pashali (?) by Moustafa Meizanaki, for an application in the name of He Chania Muslim Foundations, towards the Chania Municipality.-1901-10-01
Towards the Chania Mayor: the Chania Muslim community owes a residence in Chania City, the incomes of which is 700 dr. per year.-1910-08-23
ACCGVF00030.jpg.jpgThe Chania Ottoman community delivers 225, 10 dr. to the Chania Municipality (money received from taxes for lighiting and water supplies).-1901-07-10
ACCGVF00012.jpg.jpgReceipt of payment of 2 fr. by the Ottoman Tax Office to the Treasury of the Chania Municipality-1898-11-28
ACCGVF00008.jpg.jpgThe Minister of Financial Affairs N. Negrepodis asks to the prefects of the state Chania to define the exact amount of the money they will need for offices, streets etc at the new countries (Nees Hores).-1918-01-07
The General Administrative Council of Crete towards the Director of the Ottoman Bank: Ali Zoufrakis suited the bank for an old debt.-1881-09-10
To the Director of Chania Muslim Foundations. Bill by Nikol Koudaki for the works at the Ottoman cemetery.-1913-08-24
ACCGVF00004.jpg.jpgTreasury of Chania. 15.20 dr. was payed to the Treasury by the Secretary of the Holy Court of Chania-1902-04-01
ACCGVF00032.jpg.jpgDraft note of Vezet (?) concerning the repayment of a due to the General Accounts Department of Chania (?). [The note has the form of a draft text to be telegraphed (?)].-1902-02-11
Aisou (?) Ali Mismari payed 19,35 gr. as a tax for 396 gr. rent for two residences in Soun… Tasi (?) Hanion Quarter.-1892-09-08
General Administrative Council. Towards the Director of the Ottoman Bank. - Meclis-i İrade-i Merkez Vilayeti'ne mahsus ihzariye pusulaları.-1880-08-04; 1880-08-31
Budgets concerning the Muslim Foundations in Suda, the mosque, the school and the store-1918-06-23; 1919-12-04
Order: Councilor of Education and Justice Em. Hourdakis(?) accepts appeal by Council of Chania Muslim Elders to cancel decision of Chania Prefecture according to which council didn't have the right to ask for money owed to it by ex administration of Crete.-1905-12-14
Summons to the General Administrative Council of Crete from the parts of Despina Adroulidaki and Mihail Adroulidaki, residents of Hania, to the Director of the Ottoman Bank, seated at Haniis, for the regulation of a past loans.-1881-11-25
Towards the Chania Mayor: the Chania Muslim Foundations own a residence and a coffee shop in Chania incomes.-1910-08-24
The Ottoman Community of Chania payed to the Municipality of Chania 39 dr. for the water at the store of its propert, located at the quay, from 1 July 1900 to the end of August 1902.-1902-11-22
Summons to the General Adminstrative Council of Crete of Veli Aziz Vegaki(?) and Ali Vei Votianadaki(?), to the Director of the Ottoman Bank, resident of Hanion, for the settling of a past loan.-1880-11-10; 1880-11-19
Fatme Haji Yelasaki payed 39,25 gr. as a tax for 792 gr. rent for the residence in Salajias Quarter of Hanion.-1892-09-08
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