And Journal of Art and Art Education, no:13/14, 1987
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And Journal of Art and Art Education, no:13/14, 1987
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Content: Art and Intervention - Brentford Towers - Four Houses in Den Haag - A Work Between Institutions (Stephen Willats) p.3 - Recollection/ Observation TSWA 3D (James Lingwood) p.10 - Straw Locomotive (George Wyllie) p.11 - Bellever (The Belvedere) (Craig Wood) p.15 - A Personal View (The Belvedere) (Ben Luxmore) p.16 - Tower of Bellever (The Belvedere) (Roy Marsden) p.16 - The Architect and the Birdman (The Belvedere) (Ryan Rogers) p.17 - Houses that are all Windows (Sharon Kivland) p.18 - One Piece at a Time (Richard Wilson) p.20 - Television Circle (Judith Goddard) p.22 - Modern World (Michael Peel) p.24 - Demonomania - Ministry of Power (Brett Turnbull) p.28 - Demonomania Reviewed (El Glinoer) p.30 - Sender p.32 - Small Appliances (Mike Jones & Graham Ellard) p.34 - About Berlin bei Nacht ( Graham Budgett) p.35 - Education Through Production - FaustSpetaq (Brian Chadwick) p.38 - FaustSpetaq (Meta Lef) p.40 - FaustSpetaq - Backdrop (Claudia Fasola) p.45 -FaustSpetaq - Post Production (Kieron Corrigan) p.46 - A New Art Publishing Venture at Winchester School of Art (Brandon Taylor & Robert Radford) p.47 - The Time Based Media Show at Maidstone (Ian Elliot) p.48 - Word on a Wing - LCP Films (Oliver Curtis) p.50 - Talitha Cumi - LCP Films (Colin Spector) p.50 - Castles of Sand - LCP Films (Wendy Williamson) p.51 - Marks That Fade Scars That Don't (Lisa Pattenden) p.52 - Mechanical Shrine (Julie Howell) p.54 - Artoon (Bella Mot) p.55 - There was Isis (Beverly Carruthers) p.56
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