And Journal of Art and Art Education, no: 5, 1985
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And Journal of Art and Art Education, no: 5, 1985
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Content: New philosophy, new stratagem… (John Latham) p.3-4 - A Cosmological Menu (Andrew Dipper) p.6 - Dadarama (Anna Ridley) p.8 - Liberalism with its Pants Down (John A. Walker) p.9 - The Shoe-Box Show (Andrew Smith) p.12 - Artoon (Brian Smith) p.14 - The Politics of New Technology ( John Roberts) p.15 - Tim Head and the Social Space of Sculpture (John Roberts) p.19 - Yilmaz Güney and the Cinema Turkey (Altintas) p.20 - In Defense of Third Area Art Education (Kate Meynell) p.25 - Art Education and the Technological Media: Is the Tail Wagging the Dog? (Andrew Ironside) p.26 - The "Net" Value of Art Education (Maria Roberts) p.28 - EM: A Degree of Freedom (Maria McMahon) p.30 - The Implications and Philosophy Behind the "Restructuring" of the RCA (Adam Lowe) p.32 - Politics and EM. (Susan Stein) p.34 - Images of Confrontation (Rozanne Hawskley) p.36 - In View of From (Heather Belcher) p.37 - Material and Limitless Flexibility (Brigitte Gibbon) p.38 - "Material Evidence": A Comment (Sally Freshwater) p.38 - Material: Images (Nicola Henley) p.39 - Talking of a Social Fabric (Francesca Souza) p.40
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