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Memo pad
Amerikan Bord Heyeti (American Board)
This appears to be a memo notebook (not a diary) of Martha Dalzell Riggs, from 1844-1847. The agenda opens: 'This mem.was made in the autumn of 1844 but –ah! How were my plans changed! 'Even so Father for so as it seemed good in thy sight.' There is a list of clothes to be made and for whom, shopping lists for household items. A newspaper clipping with just a fragment of text: '…of the Missionary Bishop be $2,000, in travelling expenses, &c., which w…by the following vote: …' A list of letter recipients, and a separate extended 'List of Correspondents.' Smyrna: July, 1844: Notes about Samuel’s ninth year studies, including lessons (History, geography, Greek, arithmetic, spelling, writing, Sabbath lessons, hymns) and rules (Speak, think and act the truth, Put away all improper curiosity, Speak and act without affectation etc.). An entry dated April 22nd 1845 expresses grief at the loss of “my precious departed boy,” presumably Samuel, who died in 1844. A similar entry appears on Dec. 24, 1845 on the anniversary of Samuel’s death (Oh that fatal fall!...Is he safe and at rest in heaven?). The next entry is dated 1847 (though similar 'regulation of time' lists follow, dated 12-24-1845, July 1844, April 1845), composed of rules for organizing the day (Rise at five, prayer half past seven, breakfast eight, etc.). A detailing of 'objects of devotion' refers to 'my own wants and those of my family – husband, children & servants.' Endpages written in ink, with details about chemical analysis of mineral water.
This appears to be the agenda of Elizabeth's mother, Martha, and contains both practical notes (sewing, children's education plans, correspondence, daily schedules) and personal reflections, particularly on the death of Samuel. Handwritten in pencil. A small bound notebook with black faux-leather cover and metal clasp, marblized endpapers. In places the writing has smeared or faded. Paper has some stains, darkened with age. In the missle of the notebook residue from a pressed flower has eaten away the paper, creating a hole over a number of pages and destroying some text. One small newspaper clipping enclosed. The entries are out of chronological order.
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Smyrna (İzmir, Turkey)
SALT Research
Print, Handwriting
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United Church of Christ (UCC), American Research Institute in Turkey (ARIT), SALT Research
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On deposit at SALT Research from UCC and ARIT


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