Merzifon (1923, 1938-1939)
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Merzifon (1923, 1938-1939)
Amerikan Bord Heyeti (American Board)
Primarily includes a discussion of negotiations on the potential sale of some or all of the buildings of Merzifon station to the Turkish Government for military purposes, ca. 1939. Also includes a discussion of how this might impact the Clarke family's work and the possibility of reassignment. Also includes some earlier documents on dealing with the military. Also includes administrative and financial information on the mission.
Issue Date
Aintab (Gaziantep, Turkey), Marsovan (Merzifon, Turkey), Scutari (Üsküdar, Istanbul, Turkey), Talas (Turkey)
SALT Research
10-28, 9-28 cm, Manuscript, Typescript
Number of Scanned Documents
Open Access
Rights Holder
United Church of Christ (UCC), American Research Institute in Turkey (ARIT), SALT Research
Accrual Method
On deposit at SALT Research from UCC and ARIT


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