Pontos album, Merzifon.
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Pontos album, Merzifon.
ABAHALPNT001001: A group photo. ABAHALPNT001002: Two group photos and a city view. ABAHALPNT001003: A group portrait photos of young men. Young men with: From bottom 1st row: Tracy, Charles C. (2nd from right). Class of 1895. ABAHALPNT001004: A family photo. ABAHALPNT001005: 1910-1911 Dance and Mandolin Orchestra 'Greek Association Pontus'. A group photo. 2nd row: Xendias, J. P. (4th from left). ABAHALPNT001006: Footballers Greek Association 'Pontus' 1910 - 1911. A group photo. ABAHALPNT001007: A wedding photo and a family photo at a picnic. ABAHALPNT001008: Photos of children and a child sitting on the lion statue of the Lion Gates in Hattuşa. ABAHALPNT001009: Greek students and teachers /instructors. A group photo. A group photo of students with: From bottom 2nd row: Tracy, Charles C. (6th from right) Theoharides, Demetrius (5th from right). ABAHALPNT001010: Be it, Christ for me to live, Class of 1903. Photographer: Dildilian. A group portrait photo of female graduates and female teachers. A class photo of 1903. Central photo, from bottom 2nd row: Kouyoumjian, Sima, housekeeper, instructer of Turkish (1st from right), Gureghian, Prapion (2nd from right, next to Sima), principal Willard, Charlotte R. (in the middle, next to Prapion), Filizian, Anna (2nd from left, next to Miss Willard), Ward, Mary I. (last from left, next to Anna). ABAHALPNT001011: A group photo of girls and women. A group photo: females. ABAHALPNT001012: Greek students and teachers. A group photo. A group photo of men students with: From bottom 1st row: Theoharides, Demetrius. ABAHALPNT001013: Greek students and teachers. A group photo of Greek students with: From bottom 2nd row: J. P. Xenides?, Professor of History and Philosophy (4th from the right), C.C. Tracy (5th from right, in the center), D. Theocharides?, Professor of the Greek Language and Literature (6th from right, next to C.C. Tracy). ABAHALPNT001014: Three photos of a mountain view and a group photo. ABAHALPNT001015: A group photo of men. ABAHALPNT001016: Guards Greek Association 'Pontus' 1910 . A group photo of young men. ABAHALPNT001017: Anatolia College Band 1910-1911. A group photo of young men. From bottom 2nd row: Getchell, Dana K. (5th from right). ABAHALPNT001018: Anatolia College Orchestra 1910. A group photo of young men. From bottom 2nd row: Elmer, Theodore A. (5th from right). ABAHALPNT001019: Mandolin Orchestra Greek Association 'Pontus' 1910. A group photo of young men. ABAHALPNT001020: A group photo of children and women. ABAHALPNT001021: A group photo of children in masks and theatrical dresses.
Source: DLIR, ARIT. American Board Pamphlet Collection: Anatolia College and affiliated institutions at Merzifoun (Marsovan), Turkey, late nineteenth/early twentieth century. Identifier: PA12-12. http://dlir.org/archive/items/show/11190.
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Marsovan (Merzifon, Turkey)
SALT Research
23-31.2 cm, Print, black&white
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United Church of Christ (UCC), American Research Institute in Turkey (ARIT), SALT Research
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On deposit at SALT Research from UCC and ARIT


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