Letters Packet 7 (a): Edward & Elias's deaths
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Letters Packet 7 (a): Edward & Elias's deaths
Amerikan Bord Heyeti (American Board)
3 letters, 6 periodical clippings, 1 Ottoman Turkish document. There is a very large quantity of letters in this packet, so it has been divided into four parts. Begins with a typewritten letter addressed to Margaret (mentioning in the opening paragraph that it was also sent to the other siblings), from her “sister,” Sarah, presumably Edward Riggs’s wife, Sarah Hinsdale Dwight Riggs. Dated Feb 5th 1913, from Smyrna, Sarah details the health troubles of Edward, indicating that he is “quite out of danger.” On 22nd 1913, from R Hissar (Rumeli Hısar), Sarah sent a long, typewritten letter to each of her children giving details about Edward’s death following his abdominal surgery. There are several newspaper clippings related to Elias and his legacy, including one dated June, 1899, with a photograph portrait of Elias. Dated 1901, there is a printed description of the “Last Days and Death of Rev. Elias Riggs,” which indicates that despite bad weather, his funeral in Üsküdar was “filled,” and that he was buried in Feriköy cemetery “by the side of the grave of his daugher Elizabeth.” There is an official, stamped document in Ottoman Turkish, and on the reverse a stamped document dated 1888 from the British Consulate General (in French), with Elias Riggs’s name on it. Among the first is one from Sarah to Margaret, dated June 1913, in which they seem to be discussing the collection of funds for a monument in Elias’s honor. It seems that Margaret sent Sarah money after Edward’s death, as Sarah writes: “Thank you, Margaret, for sending it [a certain amount of money] to me – Ed’s life was not insured, and we have not a penny laid up, anywhere. But I have no fear for the future. I am sure the Board will always be liberal with me, even if I should be laid aside from all activity. And I have seven children!”
Miscellaneous documents, letters and news clippings related to the deaths of Elias Riggs and his adult son Edward. Handwritten in ink, newspaper clippings, a consular document - some fading, fold marks/creases.
Issue Date
Constantinople (Istanbul, Turkey)
SALT Research
Print, Handwriting
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979 pages total (cataloger's notes divided into multiple parts). A consists of 2 letters, 6 clippings, 1 ottoman document
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United Church of Christ (UCC), American Research Institute in Turkey (ARIT), SALT Research
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On deposit at SALT Research from UCC and ARIT


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