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ABAHMRZ214.jpg.jpgAnatolia to her Sons and Faithful Friends, Greeting, be it known that, has donated for the building of our Library-Museum, twenty five Turkish Liras and has become a member, of the, Roll of Honor, in witness whereof our seal is hereto affixed this eighteenth day of June, on thousent nine hundred and twelve.Dildilian Bros Mersifoun (Turkey)1912-06-18
Rev. John Francis Smith, Missionary of the A.B.C.F.M. Born Jan.30, 1833 Windsor, Vt. Died March 20, 1896 in Marsovan, Turkey. Head of the Theological Seminary in Marsovan-1833-01-30; 1896-03-20
Merzifon Girls School--
ABAHMRZ203.jpg.jpgMarsovan, Mission Compound at right.--
Friday, 1933, 1934 (?).Carte Postale Foto Kayacan Merzifon1933; 1934
Merzifon, 1933. Faculty. Bertha Colmeyer?, Dorothy Blatter, Jack Blake, Gladys Perry, Lynda Blake, Harriet Miller (Jack Blake's mother)-1933
Merzifon, from L: Dorothy Blatter, Gladys Perry, Fannie Noyes ??--
Merzifon Anatolia College 1990, L to R: Mustafa Bey (Anadolu Lisesi Müd.) Toma Cosmades, Eczacı Harputlu.-1990
Yarshan, 1910. Left to right (back row) Dr. FW. MacCallum, Iris Buell, Mrs. Goodsell, Miss. Left to right front row: Lynda Goodsell (4 years), (…) Goodsell (2 years), Miss (…)-1910
ABAHMRZ185.jpg.jpgAgriculture Project Proposed Dr. Zimmer, June 6, 1930--
ABAHMRZ183.jpg.jpgAgriculture Project Proposed Dr. Zimmer, June 6, 1930--
ABAHMRZ180.jpg.jpgAgriculture Project Proposed Dr. Zimmer, June 6, 1930--
ABAHMRZ179.jpg.jpgAgriculture Project Proposed Dr. Zimmer, June 6, 1930--
ABAHMRZ174.jpg.jpgAgriculture Project Proposed Dr. Zimmer, June 6, 1930--
ABAHMRZ168.jpg.jpgMerzifon, bayramınız şen olsun.--
ABAHMRZ160.jpg.jpg[A view to the cemetery.]--
ABAHMRZ159.jpg.jpgInterior Travel Court of Girls' School--
ABAHMRZ158.jpg.jpgKennedy Home for boys and Superintendent's Residence Anatolia College, Marsovan, Turkey--
Anatolia Graduates and Faculty 1898, Merzifon Fare Fac.Cabinet Portrait Victoria Portrait Carte Album.1898
Kennedy Home, Merzifon--
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