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ABAHKYS011.jpg.jpg[Candid photograph of a number of formally-dressed adults sitting on benches in a grassy couryard with trees, seemingly eating]--
[Candid portrait of two men in suits standing at a podium between Turkish and American flags]Photo Paris Agency, O. Akdemir, Kayseri-
The hospital from the north, Cesarea, 1909-1909
F. E. Burrage, Cesarea, Turkey, present with a Merry Christmas for 1911 and a happy new year for 1912 from her loving friends, Rev. Wilson Amos Farnsworth (1822-1912) and his wife Caroline Elizabeth (Palmer) Farnsworth (1825-1913)-1911; 1912
[Mary Glustrel], [Olmstead]--
ABAHKYS015.jpg.jpg[A large group of children and adults sit on stairs in what appears to be a small outdoor amphitheater. They are in casual summer dress.]--
[…] of Dr. W. & Mrs. C. E. Farnsworth, 1902-1902
ABAHKYS013.jpg.jpg[Candid photograph of a young/middle-aged woman dancing with an older man at night in a group]--
ABAHKYS010.jpg.jpg[Photograph of a man in a light-colored suit holding a microphone and appearing to be speaking or singing]--
Caesarea 1860's Left to right. Up row, standing: Miss Ellen Farnsworth, Miss Cornelic Bartlett, Prof. Charles Farnsworth, Mrs. Charlotte F. Little, Mrs. Harriet F. Gulick. Middle row, seated: Rev. Lyman Bartlett, Mr. Bartlett, Mrs. Farnsworth, Rev. Wilson A. Farnsworth, D.D. (picture on table, Caroline Farnsworth). Lower row, seated: Miss Sarah A. Closson, Miss Ardelle M. Griswold (Mrs. H.O. Dwight).Adolph Lobel-
ABAHKYS012.jpg.jpg[Side view of an audience of men and women watching an unseen speaker or performer in front of them]--
ABAHKYS014.jpg.jpg[Photograph of a man in suit and tie standing in front of a podium between Turkish and American flags]--
ABAHKYS009.jpg.jpg[Candid portrait of a young-middle-aged woman with short hair standing before a group of young boys with music stands. Several appear to be playing the recorder, while others do not hold instruments.]--
ABAHKYS008.jpg.jpg[Portrait of two men in suits shaking hands in front of a large group of seated onlookers and an American flag.]--
ABAHKYS007.jpg.jpg[Portrait of a middle-aged man in a suit standing before a microphone, holding papers, with what appears to be a flag behind him.]--
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