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I.O.B. Alexandria report on the market-1869-04-12
AJRLEH00116.jpg.jpgComptoir de Constantinople-1870-03-31
AJRLEH00040.jpg.jpgB.I.O.Smyrne rapport sur les marchés-1869-02-01
AJRLEH00027.jpg.jpgI.O.B. Report on the market Alexandria-1868-12-29
AJRLEH00054.jpg.jpgNouvel emprunt turc-1869-03-01
AJRLEH00218.jpg.jpgLettre de Bafra. Lettre de Metelin. Lettre de Rodosto. Le commerce de Smyrne-1906-07-07
AJRLEH00179.jpg.jpgSelamlik. Prince Louis of Battenberg. Prince Albert of Schleswigholstein. Count of Flanders. Armenian Patriarch. Ottoman Ambassador in Berlin. Bulgarian bands. Anatolian Railway. Tobacco regie. Corp. of Prinkipo. Disaster at sea. Austrian Lloyd-1895-09-30
AJRLEH00191.jpg.jpgThe Tobacco Regie. Constantinople market report. The import markets. Manufactures-1899-11-20
Imperial Ottoman Bank-1870-07-11
AJRLEH00093.jpg.jpgB.I.O. Salonique rapport sur les marchés-1869-05-07
AJRLEH00086.jpg.jpgB.I.O. Salonique rapport sur les marchés-1869-04-23
AJRLEH00062.jpg.jpgI.O.B. Alexandria rapport on the market-1869-03-15
AJRLEH00045.jpg.jpgB.I.O. Alexandria rapport sur les marchés-1869-02-15
AJRLEH00035.jpg.jpgB.I.O. Smyrne rapport sur les marchés-1869-01-26
AJRLEH00058.jpg.jpgBons du trésor Impérial Ottoman-1869-03-04
Le nouvel emprunt-1868-10-16
AJRLEH00177.jpg.jpgTobacco Regie. Shipping statistics. Smyrna and Aidin Railways. Smyrna-Cassaba and Extension Railway Company. Compagnie du chemin de fer Ottoman jonction Salonique - Constantinople. Constantinople market report-1895-04-29
AJRLEH00215.jpg.jpgSuccesses of the imperial troops in the Yemen. The Tobacco Regie. Naphtha fields in Turkestan. Roumanian oil industry. Bitlis notes. Improvement in Hellenic credit-1905-10-02
AJRLEH00200.jpg.jpgThe plague. Smuggling. Shipping disasters. Crop prospects in Smyrna. Consular notes. Cricket at Bassorah. The Ottoman Railway from Smyrna to Aidin-1899-03-13
AJRLEH00170.jpg.jpgMunicipal doctors.Lady doctors in Turkey. Arrest of a coiner. Birth at sea. Cholera. Orient Express. Official gazette. The Lunatic Asylum. Pilgrimage to Seuyud. The petrel at Therapia. About smugglers-1893-11-13
1-20 / 227
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