Ders slaytları: Faşizm - Course slides: Fascism
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TEGH002001.jpg"Via della Conciliazione", Roma, İtalya. İnşa tarihi: 1936-1950. Mimarlar: Marcello Piacentini, Attilio Spaccarelli. Koordinatlar: 41.902348, 12.461669. - Rome, Italy. Date of construction: 1936-1950. Architects: Marcello Piacentini, Attilio Spaccarelli. Coordinates: 41.902348, 12.461669.200.56 KBJPEG
TEGH002002.jpgRousanou Manastırı, Meteora Vadisi, Kalambaka, Yunanistan. Koordinatlar: 39.721454, 21.631981. - Monastery of Rousanau, Meteora Valley, Kalambaka, Greece. Coordinates: 39.721454, 21.631981.364.26 KBJPEG
TEGH002003.jpg(Yukarıdan aşağıya ve soldan sağa) Moskova Devlet Üniversitesi, Moskova, Rusya. İnşa tarihi: 1949-1953. Mimar: Lev Rudnev. Koordinatlar: 55.703270, 37.530515. "Deutsches Sportforum", Berlin, Almanya. Koordinatlar: 52.520713, 13.241905. Zeppelinfeld Stadyumu, Nürnberg, Almanya. İnşa tarihi: 1934. Mimar: Albert Speer. Koordinatlar: 49.431483, 11.125272. "Ehrentempel", Münih, Almanya. İnşa tarihi: 1935. Mimar: Paul Troost. Koordinatlar: 48.145535, 11.567021. Volga Nehri seti merdivenleri, Volgograd, Rusya. İnşa tarihi: 1952. Mimarlar: V. Simbirtsev, I. Fialko, V. Makarenko. Koordinatlar: 48.703942, 44.521391. Bağımsızlık Meydanı, Minsk, Belarus. İnşa tarihi: 1952-2002. Mimar: Iosif Langbard. San Petersburg Lenin Meydanı ve Finlandiya Tren Garı, San Petersburg, Rusya. Koordinatlar: 59.954985, 30.355970. - (Top to bottom and left to right) Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia. Date of construction: 1949-1953. Architect: Lev Rudnev. Coordinates: 55.703270, 37.530515. "Deutsches Sportforum", Berlin, Germany. Coordinates: 52.520713, 13.241905. Zeppelinfeld Stadium, Nuremberg, Germany. Date of construction: 1934. Architect: Albert Speer. Coordinates: 49.431483, 11.125272. "Ehrentempel", Munich, Germany. Date of construction: 1935. Architect: Paul Troost. Coordinates: 48.145535, 11.567021. Central staircase on the Volga River embankment, Volgograd, Russia. Date of construction: 1952. Architects: V. Simbirtsev, I. Fialko, V. Makarenko. Coordinates: 48.703942, 44.521391. Independence Square, Minsk, Belarus. Date of construction: 1952-2002. Architect: Iosif Langbard. Saint Petersburg Lenin Square and Finland Train Station, Saint Petersburg, Russia. Coordinates: 59.954985, 30.355970317.87 KBJPEG
Ders slaytları: Faşizm - Course slides: Fascism
Erkal Güngören'in derslerinde kullandığı slaytlar - Slides used by Erkal Güngören during his lectures
Roma, İtalya - Rome, Italy 
Kalambaka, Yunanistan - Kalambaka, Greece 
Moskova, Rusya - Moscow, Russia 
Berlin, Almanya - Berlin, Germany 
Nürnberg, Almanya - Nuremberg, Germany 
Münih, Almanya - Munich, Germany 
Volgograd, Rusya - Volgograd, Russia 
Minsk, Belarus 
San Petersburg, Rusya - Saint Petersburg, Russia 
Güngören Ailesi - Güngören Family
35 mm, Dia - Slide, Renkli - Colored
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Güngören Ailesi - Güngören Family
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Güngören Ailesi'nin izniyle - Courtesy of Güngören Family


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