Sümerbank Ereğli Bez Fabrikası - Sümerbank Ereğli Fabric Factory
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AHKON023001.jpgSümerbank Ereğli Bez Fabrikası, Güney ve Batı cephesi - Sümerbank Ereğli Fabric Factory, South and West facade4.88 MBJPEG
AHKON023001A.jpg991.6 KBJPEG
AHKON023002.jpgSümerbank Ereğli Bez Fabrikası, arka cephe - Sümerbank Ereğli Fabric Factory, rear facade1.46 MBJPEG
AHKON023002A.jpg347.57 KBJPEG
AHKON023003.jpgSümerbank Ereğli Bez Fabrikası, dokumahane - Sümerbank Ereğli Fabric Factory, weaving department5.25 MBJPEG
AHKON023003A.jpg847.47 KBJPEG
AHKON023004.jpgSümerbank Ereğli Bez Fabrikası, iplikhane - Sümerbank Ereğli Fabric Factory, filature3.58 MBJPEG
AHKON023004A.jpg1,015.63 KBJPEG
AHKON023005.jpgSümerbank Ereğli Bez Fabrikası, bilezikli iplik makineleri - Sümerbank Ereğli Fabric Factory, ring spinning machines1.81 MBJPEG
AHKON023005A.jpg331.35 KBJPEG
AHKON023006.jpgSümerbank Ereğli Bez Fabrikası, ana koridor - Sümerbank Ereğli Fabric Factory, main corridor2.76 MBJPEG
AHKON023006A.jpg748.89 KBJPEG
AHKON023007.jpgSümerbank Ereğli Bez Fabrikası, sıcak silindirli kurutma makinesi - Sümerbank Ereğli Fabric Factory, cylinder drying range machine2.57 MBJPEG
AHKON023007A.jpg745.88 KBJPEG
AHKON023008.jpgSümerbank Ereğli Bez Fabrikası, bez kurutma gergefi - Sümerbank Ereğli Fabric Factory, fabric drying stenter machine2.42 MBJPEG
AHKON023008A.jpg548.38 KBJPEG
AHKON023009.jpgSümerbank Ereğli Bez Fabrikası, direktörlük binası - Sümerbank Ereğli Fabric Factory, directorate building1.64 MBJPEG
AHKON023009A.jpg423.39 KBJPEG
AHKON023010.jpgSümerbank Ereğli Bez Fabrikası, gazino binası - Sümerbank Ereğli Fabric Factory, restaurant building1.61 MBJPEG
AHKON023010A.jpg557.98 KBJPEG
AHKON023011.jpgSümerbank Ereğli Bez Fabrikası, gazino binasınin içinde konferans salonu - Sümerbank Ereğli Fabric Factory, conference hall in restaurant building2.68 MBJPEG
AHKON023011A.jpg520.08 KBJPEG
Sümerbank Ereğli Bez Fabrikası - Sümerbank Ereğli Fabric Factory
Foto H. Behçet, Konya
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Ereğli, Konya
SALT Research
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