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AFMFB070226.jpg.jpgBlack and white photo of Elena Pecci.-1939-12
AFMFBH004.jpg.jpgPhotograph of a manPhotograph: Studio Artistik, Osmanbey1969-08-12
AFMFBH013.jpg.jpgPhotograph of Elena Pecci and its envelope-1973-12-11
AFMFBH010.jpg.jpgPhotograph of a young manPhotograph: Studio Artistik, Osmanbey1971-05-05
AFMFBH012.jpg.jpgPhotograph of Spiridon FabiatoPhotograph: Photo L'Aigle, Grand Rué de Pera 429, Constantinople-
AFMFBH006.jpg.jpgPhotograph of Selim-1972-09-25; 1974-11-06
AFMFBH002.jpg.jpgPhotograph from an excursion to Makri, in Athens.--
AFMFBH011.jpg.jpgPhotograph of a womanPhotograph: Foto Sabah-
AFMFBH003.jpg.jpgPhotograph of a couple in Thessaloniki--
AFMFBH007.jpg.jpgPhotograph of a boyPhotograph: Foto Lâle-
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