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Hatz Asan Yiouspasiakis from one part, and Antonios Sellamnianakis and Konstantinos Trigonakis from other part, divide in half land piece situated at the Topaltı Periphery of Iraklio of a width of 12 moutzouria and estimated of price of 800 golden drachmes.-1903-09-16
Samie Mavropoula, daughter of Ismail, sells to Mustafa Hudaydakis a house situated at the neighbourhood Balta Tzami of Iraklion for the price of 820 drachmes.-1914-07-22
Mehmet Hudaydakis, son of the deceased Mustafa Aga, and his sister, Yadikiar represented by the supervisor of her property, Halil Yunusakis, divide the property of a total value of 150, 000 drachmes inherited by their deceased father.-1920-02-04
The public custody office of Iraklio verifies that the following real estates are under the full ownership of Mehmet Hudaydakis, son of Mustafa.-1925-06-09
Muslim Council of Elders of Iraklion approves decision of the relatives council of orphans Mehmet and Yandikiar Hudaydaki.-1917-10-21
AFMHZDOC055.jpg.jpgMehmed Hüdaizade’ye ait Kandiye’deki bir takım gayr-ı menkulun cinsini, tapu senedi kıymetini gösteren beyannamedir.-1925-11-25
AFMHZDOC057.jpg.jpgHüdaizade Mustafa oğlu Mehmed’in Yunanistan’da terk ettiği emlakı belgeleyen taahüdnamedir.-1926
Hatitze, daughter of Vayram Katarzaki, widow of deceased Mustafa Hudaydaki or Kapotaki and wife of Mehmet Memisanaki, declares that she accepts as legal public will of deceased, registered on the 17th of August 1915 by the Notary Christoforos Geogiadis.-1922-03-14
Elatives council of orphans of deceased Zeynep Alopoula, decides that their father, Mustafa Hudaydakis, is set proxy of his children and that, after his request, a special proxy is set for delivery to them of his inherited property of his deceased wife.-1914-03-01
Ibraim Tsaousakis, son of the Muezzin Ahmet Tsaousaki, donates to his daughter, Heybeti Tsaousopoula, divorced wife of Ali Makarounaki, a house whose worth is 400 drachmes. The house is located at the neighbourhood Balta Tzamis of Iraklio.-1911-10-14
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