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ABAHACMRZ022.jpg.jpgGroup of G. B. S. Teachers, 1905.-1905
ABAHACMRZ006.jpg.jpgAnatolia College, from South (Oldest pitcutre) Rev. Geo F. Herrick, D.D., president 1891 to 1893 Anatolia College from the South, with Students and Soldiers in front of it, 1897 Dr. D. K. Pearsons of Chicago, Donor of a very liberal gift to the College Anatolia College from the South, with the New Clock Tower (1901)-1891, 1893; 1897, 1901
ABAHACMRZ002.jpg.jpgAnatolia College: General View from the South - 1890.-1890
ABAHACMRZ005.jpg.jpgA geological excursion on the top of the Akdagh.--
ABAHACMRZ011.jpg.jpgStreet Scene in Merzifoun--
ABAHACMRZ016.jpg.jpgAnatolia Orchestra--
ABAHACMRZ014.jpg.jpgProfessors and teachers of Anatolia College: Rev. C.C. Tracy D.D. President of A. College E. Presset Professor of French V.H. Hagopian M.A. Professor of Turkish Rev. J.P. Xenides M.A. Professor of History and Psychology J.J. Manissadjian M. Sc. Professor of Natural Sciences A.G. Sivaslian Ph. D. Professor of Maethematics K. H. Gulian A.B. Teacher of Armenian--
ABAHACMRZ015.jpg.jpgProfessors and teachers of Anatolia College Rev. E. Riggs D. D. Head of the Teological seminary Rev. T.A. Elmer Theological Teacher j. R. Brewster A.B. English Teacher Rev. G. E. White D.D. Dean D. K. Getchell, A. B. Treasurer A. T. Daghlian Musical Director H. H. Kabakdjian Instructor in Mathemaics and Geography D. Theocharides, M.A. Professor of Greek.--
ABAHACMRZ021.jpg.jpgPrincipals of the Girls Boarding School Miss M. P. Wright 1885-1889 Miss S. D. Smith 1899-1901 Miss J. C. Smith 1887-1892 Miss A. E. Fritcher 1863-1893 Miss F. C. Gage 1895-1899 Miss C. R. Willard. A. B. Present lady Principal.--
ABAHACMRZ027.jpg.jpgAnatolia College- General view from the West, with the Akdagh (White Mountain) in the back ground - 1905 Anatolia college circle and Professors, colleges from the East-1906.-1905; 1906
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