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ABA004303414001.jpg.jpgLetter, to Charles T. Riggs, from Mary C. FowleAmerikan Bord Heyeti (American Board)1911-07-26
ABAITD185R001.jpg.jpgTransfer 185. from M to Z. R.American Board. Office of the Treasurer.1913-02-07; 1915-06-26
ABAITD185P001.jpg.jpgTransfer 185. From M to Z. P.American Board. Office of the Treasurer.1913-04-02; 1915-05-04
ABAITD184DO000.jpg.jpgTransfer 184. From Caa to Dy. Index no. 67. From Do to Dr.American Board. Office of the Treasurer.1913-07-03; 1915-03-02
ABAITD184DEM000.jpg.jpgTransfer 184. From Caa to Dy. Index no. 67. From Dem to Dez.American Board. Office of the Treasurer.1914-01-10; 1915-02-06
ABAITD185O001.jpg.jpgTransfer 185. From M to Z. O.American Board. Office of the Treasurer.1914-03-31; 1914-12-18
ABAITD185N001.jpg.jpgTransfer 185. From M to Z. N.American Board. Office of the Treasurer.1913-05-21; 1914-12-18
ABAITD184DIM000.jpg.jpgTransfer 184. From Caa to Dy. Index no. 67. From Dim to Diz.American Board. Office of the Treasurer.1914-04-15
ABAITD184DW000.jpg.jpgTransfer 184. From Caa to Dy. Index no. 67. From Dw to Dy.American Board. Office of the Treasurer.1914-07-25; 1914-12-25
ABA000400345001.jpg.jpgLetter, to Secretary of ABCFM in Boston, from Theodore A. Baldwin, William E. Locke and Benjamin SchneiderAmerikan Bord Heyeti (American Board)1869-05-26
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