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Atina, Yahya Kahya Mahallesi, Asmalı Mescit Mahallesi ve Galip Dede Caddesi'ndeki yapılar - Buildings on Athens, Yahya Kahya Neighborhood, Asmalı Mescit Neighborhood and Galip Dede StreetEleonora Arhelaou1996
Certificate from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Spiridon Fabiato loses the Greek citizenship and obtains the Italian one.-1930-08-12
AFMFB029176.jpg.jpg(copy) Account of money (10.000 dr.) paid to Ioannes Fabiato for expenses. 5.399,90 greek dr. will be returned to Sp. Fabiato-1938-07-09
(copy) Lawsuit, Cemma Fabiato against K. Pirros-1932-07-01
(Copy) letter of procuration issued by M. Iatrou in favour of Sp. Fabiato's lawyer, Ah. Moshos-1940-02-01
(Copy) letter of procuration of K. Pirros to Ah. Moshos in order to sell the house at Ağa Hamam 40 str.-1939-04-01
(copy) Letter, G. Toman to Sp. Fabiato asking a letter of procuration to be sent as quickly as possible to Fabiato's lawyers in order to proceed with opening the safe-deposit box-1936-06-27
(copy) Letter, Greek Internal Revenue Service to Sp. Fabiato-1933-02-01; 1933-03-15
(copy) Letter, Sp.Fabiato to K. Georgakopoulos asking for a briefing about the distribution of A. Manarakes between him and Manarakes legal heirs-1933-01-30
(copy) Pre-marriage contract of Esther Culiani and Antonis Manarakes issued by Greek authorities.-1900-06-01
AFMFB029243.jpg.jpg(Copy) will of Antones Manarakes-1939-04-01; 1931-03-05
Document from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to Antonis Manarakis: They tell him to inform Spirid. Fabiato that he has lost the Greek citizenship and has obtained the Italian one.-1922-01-11; 1922-08-01
Dossier A: Immeuble "Balouk-Bazar" Prinkipo, du 1er mars 1901-1er mars 1912, Gestion Helbig.-1906-11; 1938-05-04
Dossier contenant l'historique de la construction des quais "La Banchina" à Balık Pazarı, Prinkipo-1870-06-05; 1941-09-18
Dossier contient des factures diverses concernant le projet de réparations de la Villa Fabiato à Prinkipo. Il contient des croquis et devis.-1939-04-15; 1942-12-31
Dossier E: Immeuble Bálouk-Bazar Prinkipo, Quais "La Bunchina"-1925-01-27; 1928-09
Draft letter of procuration mailed by G. Demetriou to Sp. Fabiato-1937-10-01
Draft letter of procuration mailed by K. Georgakopoulos to Sp. Fabiato-1936-10-01
(Draft) Letter, K. Georgakopoulos to Ioannes (Yanis) Nikolitsas-1931-01-01
AFMFB029156.jpg.jpg(draft) Letter, mailed by G. Demetriou-1938-02-01
1-20 / 171