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PreviewTitleCreatorIssue Date
File G: Letters regarding Luther R. Fowle and Farnsworth FowleAmerikan Bord Heyeti (American Board)1939-11-18; 1942-01-27
File HA-HE: Miscellaneous correspondence on administrative mattersAmerikan Bord Heyeti (American Board)1941-11-27; 1942-09-21
File HI-HY: Correspondences of Luther R. FowleAmerikan Bord Heyeti (American Board)1942-04-07; 1942-12-11
File P: Miscellaneous correspondence (1944-1945)Amerikan Bord Heyeti (American Board)1944-01-05; 1945-12-17
File R: Letter, from Elvesta T. Leslie, to S. RubenAmerikan Bord Heyeti (American Board)1945-05-30
Istanbul (1944-1946)Amerikan Bord Heyeti (American Board)1944-05-03; 1946
Letter to George WashburnAmerikan Bord Heyeti (American Board)1864-11-05
Letter to PettiboneAmerikan Bord Heyeti (American Board)1869-08-04
Letter to Rev. E. M. DoddAmerikan Bord Heyeti (American Board)1864-03-19
ABA003002329001.jpg.jpgLetter, to American Mission., from R. CuitonAmerikan Bord Heyeti (American Board)1878-02-25; 1878-02-27
ABA004403447001.jpg.jpgLetter, to Charles T. Riggs, from A.T. Daghlian, Anatolia CollegeAmerikan Bord Heyeti (American Board)1912-05-01
ABA004403454001.jpg.jpgLetter, to Charles T. Riggs, from Charles C. Tracy, Anatolia CollegeAmerikan Bord Heyeti (American Board)1912-05-22
ABA004403437001.jpg.jpgLetter, to Charles T. Riggs, from Charlotte R. WillardAmerikan Bord Heyeti (American Board)1912-02-24
Letter, to Charles T. Riggs, from Dana K. GetchellAmerikan Bord Heyeti (American Board)1911-05-19
ABA004403456001.jpg.jpgLetter, to Charles T. Riggs, from Emily M. McCallumAmerikan Bord Heyeti (American Board)1912-06-14
ABA004403439001.jpg.jpgLetter, to Charles T. Riggs, from Ernest C. PartridgeAmerikan Bord Heyeti (American Board)1912-03-02
Letter, to Charles T. Riggs, from H. T. PerryAmerikan Bord Heyeti (American Board)1910-10-22
Letter, to Charles T. Riggs, from Henry K. WingateAmerikan Bord Heyeti (American Board)1912-01-27
ABA004403446001.jpg.jpgLetter, to Charles T. Riggs, from S.W. Gentle CackettAmerikan Bord Heyeti (American Board)1912-04-29
ABA004503572001.jpg.jpgLetter, to Henry Hill, from Charles EdeAmerikan Bord Heyeti (American Board)1839-08-17
15-34 / 1021