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Towards Lasithiou Prefect. The Presiden of Lasithiou Muslim Elders Sends a statement by the Council that Mehmet Sami Hojakafakis is the elected president and Afti Veis Kadoglakos is the vice president-1911-01-19
ACLGVP00027.jpg.jpgTowards Lasithiou Prefecture. Lasithiou muftis (ıerodikis) moustafa rahit, ınforms that he had been appointed and that he took the oath-1907-10-12
Lasithiou Ierodikis Moustafas Rahit Sends Lasithiou Prefecture lists of the employees of the foundation.-1904-01-31; 1908-04-07
ACLGVP00053.jpg.jpgSupreme Administration of Education provides Mehmet Hojakalaki with a lease from work for 15 days-1904-03-20
To the Supreme Administration of Education and of Justice. The Council of Lasithiou Muslim Elders complains that the Mayor of Agios Nikolaos denied to accept the taking the oath by the new appointed Director of the Administration of the Muslim Foundations.-1907-02-19
ACLGVPR00016.jpg.jpgHandra/ towards the Administration of the Lasithiou Muslim Foundations: the Mayor of Municiplaity of Presou sends a list of the citizens who owe the ıjare tax and the compensations for the former Vakif lands and-1904-10-26
ACLGVP00043.jpg.jpgTowards the supreme administration of education. Lasithiou Ierodikis and Muftis Moustafa Rahit reports that after receiving the relevant permission he had been absent from his work from the 9th till the 30th of August-1910-08-30
ACLGVP00047.jpg.jpgSupreme Administration of Education and of Justice. The Consul D. Xanthoudidis informs Lasithiou Ierodikin Moustafa Rahit that his application to be absent from work, for a month, had been approved-1905-06-27
ACLGVPR00017.jpg.jpgRoukaka/ towards the director of the Lasithiou Ottoman Foundations: the Mayor of Roukakas Municipality sends a list concerning the ijare tax and the vakif compensations-1904-10-26
ACLGVP00034.jpg.jpgAgios Nikolaos/ Kingdom of Greece/ Lasithiou Prefecture. Towards the President of Lasithiou evkaf: Lasithiou Prefect asks for a list of the Employees of the Foundations-1916-09-19
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